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Poetry Friday: “Mud Pies for Sale!”

poetryfridaybutton-fulllPerhaps I’ve been too serious lately.

I was just looking back over some of my recent Poetry Friday posts and noticed a plethora of deep, sensual, or poignant poems. (Well, except for last week’s homage to the next Super Bowl champions, the Baltimore Ravens)

I’ve offered a tanka dedicated to my wife, a tribute to her grandfather, and even poems about poetry itself.  I’ve probed life, death, consciousness, and inspiration.

Time for some silly.

We had insanely strong winds here yesterday – over 50 mph gusts – and even now, they’ve only died down to about 30 mph.  These were accompanied by heavy rainfall in the early morning hours and far-above-seasonal temperatures resulting in a giant, mushy mishmash of messy mud.

But I do have to admit, the dirt-speckled, half-molten snow definitely set off the more earthy, monochromatic tones of the rest of the scenery.

You’ll understand, then, why I thought this would be an appropriate poem to share.  It’s something I wrote two years ago, but for which I have yet to find a home.  I’m thinking of including it in my ‘food’ poetry collection (oh, yes , there’s a manuscript for that, already), just to be cheeky.  Hope you like it!  And for all of today’s Poetry Friday shenanigans, visit the Gang o’ Six at Teaching Authors!

Facial, anyone?

“Mud Pies for Sale!”

Mud pies for sale, mud pies for sale!
All made from scratch, fresh from the pail!
We use the finest mud and weeds
To satisfy your mud pie needs.
The dirt is dug right from the ground;
It’s mixed with water, stirred around,
Then baked beneath the sun above
And set before you here, with love.
You’ll find no other pies in town
This muddy or this shade of brown;
Disgusting?  Gritty?  Do not frown –
Here, have a drink to wash it down!


If you don’t want what we’ve displayed,
You may not like the lemonade.

- © 2012 Matt Forrest Esenwine

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30 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: “Mud Pies for Sale!”

  1. Haha! Oh this brings back such fond childhood memories. Delightful, Matt. That last line…PRICELESS!

  2. Very funny, Matt! That picture looks gross!

  3. Very funny. And I’ve been feeling exactly the same way. I’ve gone silly this week too. I’ll post later. After the kids have headed to school.

  4. LOL. Great poem and post, Matt. Did you say a collection of FOOD POEMS??!!! A poet after my own heart (and stomach).

    BTW, have you ever made Mississippi Mud Pie?

    • Oh yes, Jama – I LOVE food! I had considered going to culinary school many years ago, but couldn’t swing it financially – although I have worked in the food industry. I can make a mean cheesecake, filet a tenderloin, and churn out a hundred spanakopitas in an afternoon. And yes, Miss. Mud Pie is delicious…and there are about as many ways to make it as there are people in Mississippi.

  5. Spoonful of mineral rich goodness! Great poem, Matt. And I like your Super Bowl Champion prediction…we shall see on Sunday. Happy Friday! =)

  6. Tee hee! Very cute poem, though I think I will pass on that lemonade. :) I used to make mud shoes. Good times.

    BTW, your link in the Mr. Linky goes to a 404 error, so you might want to resubmit.

  7. Great poem, Matt! Like Jama, I’m looking forward to your food poem collection. :-)

  8. What fun…and the photograph was a great visual. It reminded me of the times when my kids would make mud soup after a rainy day.

  9. You may laugh, but in Denver, we have a hard time with mud pies. Unless we can bring our own water, we don’t have mud. Even melting snow doesn’t do much. So, to help my grandchildren have that wonderful experience, I have resorted to the hose in the summer, teaching them. Love the poem, and the rhythm is terrific, like a jumprope jingle. And the lemonade surprise is just that, unexpected! Thanks. And since the Ravens beat us, I must join in to say Go Ravens!

  10. So silly and fun. That ending about the lemonade is great!

  11. Thoroughly hilarious! I haven’t visited your site before – delighted to know of you and your work! – Hannah

  12. Great poem, Matt. The grosser, the better! And what an appropriate visual of the wooden spoon caked in mud. Also jogged good childhood memories for me…thanks.

  13. Um…yeah. I’m definitely not going for the lemonade.

  14. I don’t even want to know about the lemonade! But the mud pies, I might take you up on. There’s nothing like the slick, gritty stuff between the fingers.

  15. LOVE this poem! Thanks for sharing!

  16. Hi, I am opening a pottery painting café in Folkestone, England and it will be called Mudpie. I was looking for poems to put in the window in quote form and ran into this gorgeous poem you made. Would it be possible to use it, with your name and permission of course.

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