Poetry Friday: Fall Treats at YARN!

Click to go to the Young Adult Review Network and my poem!

Last week, the folks at the online literary journal, Young Adult Review Network (YARN), published three poems to promote their “Fall Treats Poem Drive and Contest.”  All three poems had been submitted by individuals from different parts of the country who did not know each other, did not know what the others were writing about, nor even when the poems might be published, if at all.

Coincidental, then, that they all had apples as their subjects!

YARN, apparently, knows a good idea when it hits them on the head (Get it?  Like Sir Isaac Newton?  The apple fell, and hit them on the – ok, you get it), so they decided to use apples as their October theme.  I’m pleased that they were inspired by one of my poems not only for publication, but for helping them formulate their contest, which just began this past Monday.  You can view all three poems here…then write one of your own and send it in!

And be sure to see what else is happening today for Poetry Friday with Irene at Live Your Poem!

13 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: Fall Treats at YARN!

  1. Hi, Matt. I love the sensory details in this stanza:

    Grey watercolor brushstrokes soften
    the edges;
    forms flow
    one into the next;
    our eyes unreliable,
    give way to guesswork
    and guile.

    Autumn apple poems always bring to mind Frost’s “After Apple Picking,” one of my favorites.


    1. Thank you, Laura! Frost is one of my favourites…and I suppose the fact that I grew up – and still live – in the country, heightens my sensibilities toward the natural world. I’m so glad you liked it!


  2. Glad to discover YARN (and appreciate the rather broad, it seems, definition of “young adult”)! Your poem is scarier than many horror films, if you ask me. Really enjoyed the “guesswork and guile.” Congratulations!


    1. Glad you liked it, Marjorie. This happened when I was in college, at an orchard right next to the campus…I wasn’t the type to ever steal, but when I found out the college actually paid the orchard $500 a year for students stealing apples, I figured I was just going to get my money’s worth!

      At least…that’s how my 19-year-old brain rationalized it!


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