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Poetry Friday: “First Time for Everything”

About a month or so ago, I was looking through some of the poems I’ve written over the past few years and came across this.  I thought it would be appropos for this time of year, so I decided to use it…last month.

But then this happens, then that happens, and before you know it, the season has gotten away from you!  So before the last leaf drops, allow me to present this little poem I wrote two years ago.  And for all of today’s Poetry Friday offerings, head over to Ed DeCaria’s blog here!

First Time for Everything

One cool October afternoon
I lay down in the grass
And watched the falling leaves of red
And gold and orange pass.

It must have been quite comfortable,
The sun and autumn breeze;
I closed my eyes and fell asleep
Beneath some maple trees.

When I awoke, I was amazed –
I could not see the sky!
A mound of leaves had covered me
Completely, three feet high.

Well, I must say, I’ve jumped in leaves
A hundred times or more,
But never had a pile of them
Jump onto me before.

– © 2010, Matt Forrest Esenwine

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30 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: “First Time for Everything”

  1. Tabatha on said:

    That’s great, Matt! I was expecting a child to jump on you at the end and get quite a surprise!

  2. Hi, Matt. I love the last line! I’ve been so excited to see my nephew — just over 1 year old — experience crunchy leaves for the first time. It’s adorable, so many senses working.

    • And the fun thing for us grown-ups is that we get to jump in the leaves ourselves – and when other adults look at us funny, we can just say we’re trying to show our kid! ;)

    • Janet F. on said:

      I love your poem and rhythm, of it Matt. Something kids can get into easily, but made me feel like a kid again. Plus you have a picture. I love the little one popping out of the leaves! And as Laura knows, I have a vivid memory for photos!!! Can’t wait to share with with my students. I think we will learn this one and add it to our repertoire. We learn over 40 poems by heart during the year and this is perfect for the end of the fall season. Today we did de la Mare’s The Snowflake to get ready for the first snowfall which I know in our area is coming soon enough.

      • Thank you so much, Janet! I hope your students like it. ‘The Snowflake’ is a wonderful one to memorize…’Come, look at me, this lovely icy filigree’! A few weeks back, I wrote a post about the need for more memorization in school – in case you’d like to read some it, here’s the link: Best wishes!

      • Janet F. on said:

        Hi Matt,
        Check out my very simple (old) website to see a bit about what I do. poetryonparade dot com
        Also on Youtube search for poetry on parade and our video should come up.
        I have not read your entire post but think we have a kindred spirit. Kids alwasy love “The Snowflake”!! But most especially in that magical moment when everyone notices it outside the window!! It is great to be ready to recite when that happens.
        My blogging life is in rehearsal!!

      • I’ll definitely check it out, Janet! Please keep in touch.

  3. Kathy Brodsky on said:

    I love it!! You should put it in one of your book collections.

    By the way, Matt, at the Boston Book Festival, Dan had a little trailer of My Bent Tree. Your voice sounds GREAT!! Kathy

    Kathy Brodsky (603) 668-1975

    Quoted in the Wall St. Journal:; My Bent Tree &The Inside Story honorable mention Green Book Festival 2010; The Winner Is & Stover Creative Child Preferred Choice Award 2011; A Horse Named Special – Creative Child Magazine 2012 Picture Book of the Year Award.

    • Thanks, Kathy – I’m probably going to include it in either my “Other End of the See-Saw” collection, or an as-yet-unfinished autumn collection. Glad the app sounds good…Dan tells me they’re hoping to have it fully completed y next month!

  4. Leaf jumping – a beloved Fall ritual no matter how old we get. I especially love that first stanza, perfect!

  5. A blanket of leaves! Nice ending; thanks for the smile and lovely Fall fix :).

  6. So sweet! I love the idea of leaves conspiring to jump on you while you slept. Love this one!

  7. What a fun poem! Thanks for sharing it.

  8. Very fun, Matt! Kudos for accepting Ed’s challenge and putting it in the showdown.

  9. Ha! The leaves finally get their revenge!

  10. I have so many good memories of playing in the leaves! Love that face peeking out in the picture!

  11. Fun poem, Matt! I especially love the last two lines! My two -year old granddaughter is just learning the art of jumping into a leaf pile, and it’s such fun to watch her!

  12. Joyce Ray on said:

    Nice job, Matt. Right about now, I’m wishing those colorful leaves back again. But then there’s that raking….

  13. Not what I was searching for but awesome anyway! Congrats!

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