“Where Will You Be?”

I’ve been avoiding making any comments online about the Sandy Hook school tragedy because I figured there was not much more that I could add to the discussion.  Everyone is shocked.  Everyone is sad.  Everyone is asking ‘why’…so I left it alone and kept my thoughts to myself.
But then late Sunday night, I sat down in front of my computer and started banging out words…and somehow a poem was created.  It’s one of those that just sort of wrote itself – and I thought I’d share it for today’s post.  This was inspired by the events that unfolded not only in Connecticut, but also in China, where a man wielding a knife wounded 22 school children that same day.
Hopefully, each of you who reads the poem will take away a little something different from it.

Where Will You Be?

When dusk falls,
where will you be?
Each morning
on my own,
I barely stand.
For, if alone
as I am
always, every day,
so I shall remain –
waiting, watching, crying.
Faith faltering,
the sad miracle of hope
leaves me
a barren soul
like a bloated belly.

Do you hear me?   Can you see?

Like a bloated belly
a barren soul
leaves me
the sad miracle of hope:
faith faltering,
waiting, watching, crying.
So I shall remain
always, every day,
as I am
For, if alone
I barely stand
on my own
each morning…
where will you be
when dusk falls?

– © 2012 Matt Forrest Esenwine

7 thoughts on ““Where Will You Be?”

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