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Poetry Friday Eve!

Poetry_Friday logo‘Twas the day before Poetry Friday
And all through the kidlitosphere,
All the bloggers were stirring –
Hoping it would be here…

Welcome to Poetry Friday Eve!

I’m very excited to be hosting the festivities tomorrow, so I thought I’d do everyone a favour and start accepting links now in order to get a head start.  Makes sense, yes?

So if you have something you’d like to share, just leave your link(s) in the Comments section and I’ll update tomorrow’s blog throughout the day!

Thanks, Matt

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45 thoughts on “Poetry Friday Eve!

  1. Oh how fun! Looking forward to reading all the poems. I might as well link my #MoP poems. Thanks Matt!

  2. Hi Matt, I am not exactly sure how I arrived here. Perhaps it was through Catherine Johnson and Facebook. It feels like a Monday morning to me!

    I am not sure how this works but I have a blog post here that contains one of my (own) favourites.


  3. I assume my pen name on is J-Boon. I want to share my poem titled ‘Happy New Year ‘ for your event. I hope you will give me a chance to paricipate in it.

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  5. Steve Peterson on said:

    Matt, thanks for taking on the Poetry Friday chores!

    For the new year, here’s a poem about a little turtle, huge determination, and a new life.

  6. Thank you all, I’ll get these posted tomorrow!

  7. Thanks, Matt! Happy New Year! Here’s my “New Year’s Resolutions” @ The FATHER GOOSE Blog

  8. Hi Matt-Thanks for hosting the first Poetry Friday of 2013! I’m in with a roundup of the CYBILS Finalists in the Poetry Category at

  9. P.S. My post includes links to previous reviews/excerpts I’ve shared from the books:>)

  10. HI Matt
    I’m planning weekly blogs from various contributors over the year every Thursday this year – VerseDay! We’re looking at all forms of verse but I’m especially interested in verse novels, hence my blog I’d love it if you would invite your visitors to check it out. I’m highlighting the Cybils nominees too.

  11. Very nice, Matt–and a Happy New Year to you! Thanks for taking on the role of host this first week of 2013.

    My poem this week is a tongue-in-cheek look at my own “Fiscal Crisis.” It’s here:

  12. Hi, Matt! Thanks for getting an early start. I am sharing postcard #4 from my poetry postcard project. The poem and card relate to the Civil War battle between the ironclad ships Merrimack and the Monitor.

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  14. Hi Matt, thanks for hosting this week. May you have a glorious 2013. I am in today with Love after Love by Derek Walcott. Here it is:

  15. Hi, Matt! I’m having some trouble with comments, so I hope I haven’t posted twice.

    Today, I’m posting poem #4 in my poetry postcard/birthday project. This is one for American history buffs. Both the new poem, “Thick Skinned,” and the postcard refer to the Civil War battle between two ironclad ships, the Merrimack and the Monitor.

    Thank you for hosting and happy new year!

  16. bargerj on said:

    Hi Matt! Thanks for posting early. I have written a haiku titled Killing Me With Kindness at NC Teacher Stuff:

  17. Happy New Year, Matt, and thanks for getting our Poetry Friday year going! At “A Teaching Life” I have a poem about “Burning the Old Year” by Naomi Shihab Nye….fitting!

  18. Hi Matt – I’m giving away some CYBILS poetry book packs. Thanks so much for hosting, and may 2013 bring you lots of poetic goodness!

  19. Got ’em, thanks!

  20. Hi Matt,

    Happy New Year and thanks for hosting! I’ve been following Poetry Friday for a while and I just recently began a new online journal called The Writer’s Whimsy, so I’m jumping in if that’s okay. My contribution is called “Put On Your (Fishing) Poetry Hat.


  21. Hey Matt,
    Thanks for hosting. I continue to work on writing poems to my father’s artwork.

    Since you use wordpress, too, do you know how to post the calendar for Poetry Friday on the sidebar? Thanks

  22. Happy New Year! My posts will be up after midnight.

    At Random Noodling I have a poem by Edward Hirsch, which celebrates Georgia O’Keeffe, “Evening Star.”

    Kurious Kitty finds connections in a poem by David Ferry.

    KK’s Kwotes continues New Year’s celebrations with a song written by Peggy Seeger.

  23. Hi, Matt. Thanks for being the first gatherer of the year. I am sharing an original winter haiku. My post will publish in the wee hours. Looking forward to reading many wonderful offerings.

  24. Thank you for the welcome poem, Matt, and for hosting. I have been scurrying around getting ready! I have a poem tribute for the Cybil’s finalists announced this week. Exciting times!

  25. Matt,
    Thank you for hosting Poetry Friday this week. I have another poem about nonverbal communication this week with PINKIE PROMISE, at

    Also, thank you for the beautiful handmade christmas ornaments. They came in themail today. They are beautiful.

  26. Thank you for hosting, Matt! I’m in with a Joyce Sidman poem and link to my interview with her, as well as a link to a post on verse novels, featuring some of our shining PF poets.

    Happy New Year!

  27. Hi, Matt. Thank you for being the first gatherer of the year! I’m sharing a winter haiku at Musings.

  28. Yay! Looks like everyone found you. Sorry the new schedule was a little bit nip-and-tuck!

    We’re celebrating our 7th year of blogging at A Year of Reading with seven days of giveback-giveaway. The book we’re giving away today, to one lucky commenter, is FORGIVE ME, I MEANT TO DO IT. Come join the fun!

  29. Thank you for hosting! I am featuring a photographed excerpt of a poem by Gwendolyn Brooks, from New York’s Library Way. At my blog, Chicken Spaghetti.

  30. matt goodfellow on said:

    Hi Matt, thanks for hosting. Like the poem. I have an original poem, New Yah Prayer:



  31. Happy New Year– and thanks for doing the roundup this week!

    At Wild Rose Reader, I have a “forgotten” poem that I wrote years ago. It’s a mask poem titled “Dinosaur Egg.”

  32. Another in my series of songs as poetry, I have “Little Talks” over at MotherReader:

    Thanks for hosting!

  33. Thank you all for your links…I think I’ve got them all posted!

  34. Ralph Fletcher has started blogging, and he joins us this week for Poetry Friday with a poem from one of his books, Relatively Speaking: Poems About Family

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