Poetry Friday: “Monster Supper”

Yes, I realize Halloween is both months away and months behind…but I had to post this now.

poetryfridaybutton-fulllYou see, back in early January, the creative yet enigmatic M.M. Socks posted a poem titled, “Eyeball Dinner” on his blog.  It got me thinking about what else might be served at a dinner that included eyeballs on the menu. But then, of course, I had to carry the concept further in my mind…and wondered what the whole dinner experience might be like.

Hence, the inspiration for “Monster Supper.” Hope you like it!  Or are at least able to get all the way through it. Today Sheri Doyle is hosting Poetry Friday, so be sure to visit her blog for links to all of the day’s offerings!

“Monster Supper”

Come, little monsters,
Sit down, take a seat!
Are your hands filthy?
We can finally eat!
Your mummy has made you
A terrible feast –
So you can grow up
As a strong, healthy beast.

Remember your manners
And don’t sit up straight;
Burp when you want to
But don’t clean your plate.
Put down those forks!
Play with your food!
Talk while you’re chewing
And always be rude.

Have some weed salad
With fried crispy lips!
I cooked up a rump roast
And saved you the hips.
You’ll love these fresh toenails –
The crunch is superb!
Or try some steamed muscles
With butter and Herb.

The sweet pickled pelvis
Is slimy and cold,
The grilled duodenum
Is starting to mold;
There’s liver lasagna,
Hot skeleton stew,
Gall bladder casserole,
Finger rolls, too!

So eat up, my darlings,
And make sure you drool –
But always remember
My dinnertime rule:
If you don’t eat your eyeballs
And finish your dirt,
You can’t have warm chocolate
Spleens for dessert.

– © 2013, Matt Forrest Esenwine

27 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: “Monster Supper”

  1. Catherine Johnson

    Fun, fun, fun! That is superb. I bet Penny Klostermann would really like this. If I could just suggest dropping finally, it helps the flow :0)


  2. Suitably gross, loads of fun, and oozing with kid appeal. The thought of crunching on toenails got me and then I got to liver lasagna. Ewww. And if you gotta eat spleens, glad they’re chocolate ones. Have you seen Jessica Swaim’s Scarum Fair?


  3. Some of my favorite disgusting bits:
    I cooked up a rump roast
    And saved you the hips.

    The grilled duodenum
    Is starting to mold;

    Has anyone used “duodenum” in a poem before? If not, I think we should give you some sort of prize! The Dubious Duodenum Award of Distinction, perhaps.


    1. Thank you, all! Tabatha, I don’t know if anyone’s used that word – but I figured it was about time someone did. May I suggest we call the award, The Dubious Duodenum Award of Disphinction? Because, well…y’know…


  4. Scrumptious rumps and strips of hips
    Stale toenails and chips of lips
    Such a garish, ghastly feast
    Perfect for the just deceased!

    What I really wanted to say ‘was Finger-licking Good!’ but Renee beat me to it (as usual).

    Nice job, Matt!


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