Poetry Friday: #MMPoetry is underway!

poetryfridaybutton-fulllRather than read today’s poem here, I’m kindly requesting that you head over to the #MMPoetry competition hosted by Ed DeCaria at Think, Kid Think! to read it there.

Why? Because the March Madness Poetry (#MMPoetry) competition just got underway this week, and all the participants would love for you to see what’s going on!  64 competitors from around the globe (Yours Truly included) have been given words ranked according to their difficulty and are charged with creating children’s poems using those words.

For instance, my randomly-assigned word was a#14 seed, so it was pretty tough: “verjuice.” (in case you’re a normal person who’s never heard that word before, it refers to the liquid that comes from fermented grapes and apples, from the French, vert jus)  My competitor, the lovely and talented Robyn Hood Black, received a word seeded #3: “awry.”

MMPoetry - R1F2-Humor-3-awry-vs-14-verjuiceWe each had only 36 hours to create a children’s poem using our word. You can read both of our poems HERE and vote for your favourite!  You can also search the scoreboard (or click HERE) and see all the other poems written for this tournament and vote on those, as well. Some of the words are ridiculously hard, too – like meretricious, flaccid, and anthropomorphication.  Yes, you read that correctly. Some poor souls had to put those words in children’s poems. And they all did a marvelous job, too!

One caveat, though: the polls close at around 9:40pm – that’s tonight, Fri. March 15!  After that, the poems will still be available to read, but you won’t be able to vote on them. Whoever wins move on to the Second round!

And once you finish reading those 64 poems…if you still crave even MORE poetry… Jone MacCulloch at Check it Out has even more, as today’s Poetry Friday hostess!

22 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: #MMPoetry is underway!

    1. Janet F.

      I second that emotion!!! Love the definition you gave for verjuice. Having studied French(a loooong time ago) I was trying to figure it out, but it didn’t quite get there!!!! I wonder what cider is in French….. Congratulations for creating a kid’s poem using that obscure word!


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