Poetry Friday: “Irony”

If you’ve been following the #MMPoetry March Madness competition at Ed DeCaria’s website, www.ThinkKidThink.com, then you know some of the insanely difficult words that the poets (a.k.a. the ‘authletes’) are being required to write poems with:  periphery, deleterious, anthropomorphization, and many others.

poetryfridaybutton-fulllMy poem from last week, featuring the word verjuice, failed to garner enough votes to push me into the second round…but it hasn’t stopped me from encouraging folks to continue visiting Ed’s site and reading and voting on each new round of poems. And there have been some terrific ones, too!

But as I thought about the polysyllabic poetic predicaments my fellow poets had gotten themselves into, I remembered this poem of mine that I wrote about a year ago…with polysyllablism to spare! Hope you like it. Be sure to visit Greg Pincus at Gotta Book for all the Poetry Friday happenings!


My teacher said we had to write a poem using couplets.
I thought about it for a while, and used the word ‘quintuplets.’

But then she said my poem didn’t have alliteration.
So I came up with, “creaky, crusty, crabby ol’ crustacean.”

She gave it back to me because it wasn’t metaphorical.
I told the crazy bat my characters were allegorical.

“But where’s the simile?” she asked. “It needs some more revision.”
(I wished I could have turned her off, like dad’s old television)

Her eyes got red, she glared at me – and said it wasn’t metrical.
I stared right back and stated every iamb’s academical.

I turned it in and waited for my grade with apprehension.
For all that work, I got an ‘A’!

I also got detention.

© 2013 Matt Forrest Esenwine

19 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: “Irony”

  1. lol…as my sixth graders like to say. Chances are they would also like the part about
    “creaky, crusty, crabby ol’ crustacean” – which has, no doubt, come to mind upon occasion as they have viewed me!


  2. Thank you all for your comments – I’m glad you liked it! Sorry I haven’t been around much this weekend (been celebrating my two daughters’ 21st and 18th birthdays with one big party on Sat.), but I appreciate you stopping by!


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