Poetry Friday: “Lost Spring”

I hope you’re enjoying National Poetry Month! Since it’s been about 6 weeks or so since poetryfridaybutton-fulllI posted a poem that was not a children’s poem, I thought I’d share this. I wrote this almost two years ago, but like most poems, it has undergone numerous edits and revisions since that time. I’m pretty sure this is the final version…but then again, I can never be sure of that sort of thing. I should just be quiet.

I decided to record a reading of the poem, but I’ve been fighting allergies all week, so it almost sounds like me.  Of course, if you’re looking for more poetry, there’s plenty of it to go around; Diane Mayr at Random Noodling is hosting today’s  Poetry Friday festivities!

“Lost Spring”

Winter has been hanging on.

Like a corpse
refusing the grave
or bloody barbs deep
in the fish’s gullet
irresistible force
pulls life and flesh away,

yes, winter has been hanging on.

Ugly clouds crawl across
late April sky
slow as war machines;
snow again, soon.
Ashen drifts high
to the windows,
for release.

Frigid air breathes heavy
across a landscape sacred
and desolate,
locked in rigor mortis
while barren trees hold frost
covered infants
at their tips.

they say,
will be here soon.

But winter…

winter has been hanging on.

© 2013, Matt Forrest Esenwine


Prog poem 2013 graphicBy the way, Irene Latham’s 2013 ‘Progressive Poem’ (at Live Your Poem) is going strong! It’s a poem that started with one blogger April 1 and is travelling from blog to blog each day, with each blogger adding a new line to the poem. (By the end of the month, we’ll have a completed poem!) Yours Truly added his line back on April 3, but I provide a complete list of all the participating bloggers at the bottom of this post.

Here’s the list of all the participating bloggers in the 2013 Progressive Poem, so you can follow along.

April Amy Ludwig VanDerwaterJoy AceyMatt Forrest EsenwineJone MacCullochDoraine BennettGayle KrauseJanet FagalJulie LariosCarrie Finison 10  Linda Baie 11  Margaret Simon 12  Linda Kulp 13  Catherine Johnson 14  Heidi Mordhorst 15  Mary Lee Hahn 16  Liz Steinglass 17  Renee LaTulippe 18  Penny Klostermann 19  Irene Latham 20  Buffy Silverman 21  Tabatha Yeatts 22  Laura Shovan 23  Joanna Marple 24  Katya Czaja 25  Diane Mayr 26  Robyn Hood Black 27  Ruth Hersey 28  Laura Purdie Salas 29  Denise Mortensen 30  April Halprin Wayland


29 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: “Lost Spring”

  1. dmayr

    Wow, Matt, how right you are about winter “hanging on.” Someone might think you were from New Hampshire! Did you get the sleet last night?

    1. We were actually getting sleet yesterday afternoon, while I was trying to split & stack firewood for next season! We had freezing rain overnight, but it looks like it’s stopped for now.

  2. Oh, here too! I love:

    “while barren trees hold frost
    covered infants
    at their tips.”

    That is JUST how it is, and now I will always see that. Thank you for sticking that imagine into my mind.

    Happy PF. May you find spring soon. I think it’s joining us here – snow is now rain.


  3. Just stunnin, Matt – you caught that apalling ability winter has to seize our spirits in gloom and dread. Loved this stanza in particular:
    Frigid air breathes heavy
    across a landscape sacred
    and desolate,
    locked in rigor mortis
    while barren trees hold frost
    covered infants
    at their tips.

    Here’s to any hints of Spring that may come our way soon…

  4. Wow, both the poem and your reading of it! Your voice – allergy ridden – added that much more punch to your words. Amazing that you originally wrote it two years ago yet this winter it resonates that much more. Stay warm…=)

    1. Thank you, Bridget. I think I’ve revised that poem at least two or three times every year since I wrote it…so I figured it was about time to slap a coat of sealant on and call it a day!

  5. margaretsmn

    Your deep throated voice is just right for this winter is hanging on recitation. I wish you could fly like a bird down south here where it’s green, green, green with splashes of red gardenias. Spring is usually short in the deep south so we are enjoying the lingering cool. Enjoyed your poem even with its deadly words like rigor mortis and desolate. Powerful images.

  6. Matt, I love your imagery for winter – corpse, the war machine clouds, the sacred landscape and the phrase “locked in rigor mortis.” As Margaret said (above), your deep voice is perfect, delivering the poem with a sense of finality and doom. Well done!

  7. We don’t have the sleet and dark clouds as much, but I just watched the weather & snow is in the forecast, again! You’ve written it just right, but if you wrote this several years ago, that means winter was hanging on then, too! I love the “frost covered infants”. They are there from our latest storm!

  8. Yes, Well Done! My favorite of many strong images was the one Amy picked above.

    Wish I could send you the blue skies and blossoms we’ve had all weekend (north Georgia), but I’d have to send buckets of yellow pollen as well. Oh, and the tornado warnings that come with it all. Sigh. Wishing you warmth soon…

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