Poetry Friday: “More Than We Are”

poetryfridaybutton-fulllWhere does the time go? One minute your kids are starting kindergarten and the next thing you know, they’re heading off to prom and graduation and the rest of their life.

Whew, that was quick.

My youngest daughter, Katherine, is graduating high school this weekend, so there was no question for me as to what poem I should share today.  Katherine is a very talented young woman, whose photography has graced more than a few blog posts here. She was selected as a New Hampshire Scholar for her above-average course load while in high school, and I’m very proud of her.

I wrote this a little over a year ago – and although it’s not really ‘about’ her, the message was created with her, her older sisters, and all young people in mind.

(Good grief, I just used the phrase “young people.” That makes me think I might not be one of them anymore.)

Anyhoo…for all of today’s Poetry Friday festivities, visit Margaret at Reflections on the Teche!

“More Than We Are (for Katherine)”

An astronaut’s an astronaut,
But may be someone’s dad
Who takes his daughter fishing
When she feels a little sad.
A banker is a banker
But might be a mom, as well,
Who shows her son the alphabet
And helps him learn to spell.

A teacher is a teacher
But could be a singer, too;
The janitor at school may wish
He ran the local zoo.
His son might be a doctor
Who is saving someone’s life;
The lady at the store today
Might be the doctor’s wife.

Half of KatieEach homeless person on the street,
Each writer of a song,
Each boy or girl you chance to meet
Has somewhere they belong.
There’s always more than what we see,
And as we learn and grow,
We’re all more than we seem to be –

And you’re more than you know.


– © 2012, Matt Forrest Esenwine


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31 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: “More Than We Are”

  1. Congratulations to your daughter, Matt, and to you too! This poem reminds me of my very joyful days of dancing around our living room to the sounds of FREE TO BE YOU AND ME. So many truths tucked in these lines. Happy celebrating to you all this weekend…


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  3. Matt,
    My oldest daughter just graduated and will be heading off to college in the fall, so your poem really hit home. As I wipe the tears off of my keyboard, I just wanted to thank you for sharing, my friend. Congrats to you and Katherine!


  4. margaretsmn

    I am now 5 years from my youngest daughter graduating from high school and still wondering where that time went, but I am so proud of the young woman she has become. I love this tribute to us all. We are more than we are!
    PS: I have a Katherine, too!


    1. You know what’s funny – our neighbors have a little girl named Katherine who was born on the same day as mine! Whenever we’re talking about ‘Katherine,’ we always have to make sure we know which one we’re talking about!


  5. Lovely poem with an important message:
    Everyone… “Has somewhere they belong.
    There’s always more than what we see…”
    I often make up back stories for people in restaurants – I love to think about people as much more than my first reaction/judgement. Thanks for sharing your poem. Congrats to your daughter. And Happy Father’s Day!


  6. Ah, this is too sweet! And how bizarre that Amy mentioned FREE TO BE YOU AND ME. As I listened to you read, my first thought was “This guy is straight off of FTBYAM!” I could just hear you reciting “Don’t Dress Your Cat in an Apron,” which is also about labels. Was lovely to hear your voice.

    Congrats to your daughter for all her accomplishments, and to you for helping her get there. 🙂


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