Are you sabotaging your peace and happiness?

Sure, I pass along words of advice and other mental ramblings about writing, voiceovers, advertising, parenting, and what-not now and then…but I’m certainly not a professional psychiatrist, psychologist, or psychotherapist. (I can act a bit psycho sometimes, but I prefer the term, “eccentric.”)

The reason I say this, is because I wanted to take a moment and share someone else’s blog post today.  The advice they share is not only worthwhile, it is for anyone and everyone, of all walks of life.

You are what you do

That right there pretty much sums up the point of the blog post.  If you do things that encourage happiness, growth, peace, and success, you will see those things begin to flourish in your life.  If, on the other hand, you focus on negatives, you will encounter more and more of them.

Yes, this sounds like many other blog posts and self-help books you’ve read before; I know that’s what you’re thinking. “Focus on the positive, eliminate the negative, yada yada…”

So why bother clicking the following link?

Because in this day and age of social media and Google searches, of instant tweets and Facebook statuses (or is that stati?)…it’s easier than ever for all of us – Yours Truly, included – to fall into one or more of these traps.

Envy, greed, and other annoying behaviours

Do you feel like you’re a failure because your Facebook friends all seem so successful?  Do you really want to do something, but don’t feel the time is ever right?  Are you afraid, worried, or doubtful about your career, your family, your life?

Then I encourage you to check out this post:

Ten Little Habits That Steal Your Happiness

After you read it, perhaps you’ll see yourself in a slightly new light, and can begin to make whatever changes you feel you need to make, to be a happier, more peaceful person.

And really…this world needs as many of those kinds of people as we can get!

Thanks for visiting today, and feel free to share this post if you found it useful!


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