Poetry Friday: “Thoughts of the Falconer”

poetryfridaybutton-fulllAs I was perusing some of my older writings, I stumbled upon a Creative Writing class assignment from back when I was a senior in college. I read it and couldn’t remember if it was the 2nd or 3rd Elizabethan sonnet I had ever written…but I knew it was definitely one of the first few.  I also knew I wanted to feature it here.

One can tell this was written by a person who was still learning – the language is extremely formal and there are many things that could probably be changed – but for what it is (or was), I like it.  It certainly helped me to learn and grow as a writer of poetry by helping me utilize imagery and metaphor and alliteration and such, so for that I owe the poem a debt of gratitude.  It was also an experiment with an original rhyme scheme; it strays from the standard a-b-a-b of a typical Elizabethan, but again, it was a learning process and a college class assignment, so try to cut me some slack. 😉

Today, Diane Mayr is hosting Poetry Friday at Random Noodling, and is also in a bit of a reflective mood – although her memory goes back 40 years! Visit her blog and find out more!

“Thoughts of the Falconer”

Away, young fearless guardian of sky;
Your graceful wings shall steal the summer blue
In search of perfect prey.  Yet, as you fly
The dignity you hold with peerless pride
Is carried full and strong, embodies you,
The falcon; strength and spirit strictly tied.
An open world is yours to claim anew
From rocky cliffs to meadows warm and green,
But for that honour, savage winds you ride
To breast – confront – your feral foe unseen;
The hood removed, you sense the urge inside
And with no hesitation you are gone.
Though years may pass and fainter be my sight
I shall fore’er admire the falcon’s flight.

– © Matt Forrest Esenwine, Dec. 15, 1988


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12 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: “Thoughts of the Falconer”

  1. Would you believe I never studied writing poetry back in college? The courses were all fiction, writing fiction, or the study of theme and metaphor in the Romantic poets.

    You obviously were paying attention in your courses! This is lovely.


    1. Thank you, Robyn! Honestly, I’m not sure if this is even share-worthy – Lord knows it has its share of clichés and overdone images – but it does have a few redeeming qualities, so I figured…why not??


  2. maryleehahn

    You’re brave. I don’t think I’ll share my first published poem (from high school)!

    But how fun to give us a touchstone to show how far you’ve come!


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