Blog hiatus: A jerked-knee reaction

There comes a time when one realizes one can only do so much; that there is only enough time in each day to do a few things well, rather than doing a dozen things poorly.

For me, that time has come.

Last Tue. night, while playing an indoor soccer game with my Men’s Over-30 team, I took one wrong step with my right foot and possibly tore my ACL or meniscus (cartilage in and around the knee). It was the strangest feeling – like my leg bones just ‘popped’ out of my knee – and I sunk to the turf.

A lot of things start flooding into one’s mind at that point.  My immediate thought was, “Good Lord, I can’t believe I broke my leg!”

But then it occurred to me, “Wait, if I broke a bone, I should be in more pain than I am…so what the hell did I just do?!?”

I knew I couldn’t bear any weight on the leg, and it was sore and swelling, so I just lay there, thinking over and over, “My wife’s gonna kill me!”

Of course, I knew she wouldn’t – but honestly, my main concern right then and there was that there were so many things I needed to do before Christmas and winter, and now I wasn’t going to be able to do any of them.  I work from home and am a stay-at-home dad to my 3-year-old and 3-month-old, so not being able to get around is not an option for me.; I didn’t know what to do! Plus, I had to get the snow blower fixed, I had to patch the roof, I had to finish raking all the leaves, I had to put away the extension ladder…

And the list went on and on.

And I’m still not sure how I’m going to get any of these things done.

What I do know is that with the full-leg brace the doctors gave me, I can at least walk, albeit slowly.  And I also know that everything I do is now done at a fraction of the speed I’m used to doing it.  Which means I have less time to do everything I had been doing a week ago.

So between taking care of the baby, spending time with my son, taking care of the house, running my voiceover business, working on my children’s writing, helping my wife, getting ready for Christmas, and all the other responsibilities I have…something(s) aren’t going to fit into my schedule anymore. Since I can’t even sit at a desk for very long without my leg becoming painfully sore, computer work is taking a back seat in my life for the time being.

I still need the computer of course, to submit voiceover auditions and check emails and such…but the less time I’m online, the more time I can spend with the kids – and right now, at my current speed, I need all the time I can get. Heck, it takes me 5 minutes just to walk up the stairs and 10 minutes just to put the dogs outside to their kennel. You can only imagine the energy and time it takes me to keep up with a 3-year-old son who lives every day of his entire life at lightning speed.

I hate to put my blog on hold, but I have no choice – there are only so many hours in the day, as they say, and one has to set priorities.  For me, with time at a premium, being able to focus on myself and my kids without blog posts and status updates and whatnot is the best thing I can do.

Now and then I may occasionally post something here, but for the most part, I plan on keeping stress at a minimum.  Once I know if I need surgery, how long it will take to recuperate, and what I need to do to rehabilitate my knee, then I’ll have a better idea of how to organize the time in my life.

But before all of that, I need to get the most out of the time I have.

Time flies when you’re a husband and parent.

And I’m a husband and parent before I’m anything else.


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16 thoughts on “Blog hiatus: A jerked-knee reaction

  1. I just got on the computer and received this, Matt. I’m so sorry this has happened, and hope your recovery is swift and good, first of all, and wish there was something I could do more to help, like give you a few hours off by baby-sitting! It sounds like you might learn that slowing down and backing off is a wonderful thing, although not getting the leaves raked, etc. might feel bad, they are the little things. I hope you have some sweet moments with the kids and with your wife, just as you said, you’re a husband and a dad first! Happy Holidays!


  2. Matt,

    I am so sorry to hear about your knee. I can understand what you’re feeling. I still play at a competitive basketball league every Thursday, with most of the guys playing at half my age. Knock on wood, I haven’t suffered any injuries while playing, but playing ball for 40 years, at a competitive level takes its toll. I will soon hang em up Before the injury bug bites.

    I admire your fortitude and openness about what priorities need to be taken care of. FAMILY ALWAYS comes first! I wish I lived closer. I’d come help with the ladder, leaves, snow-blower, etc. I can help by being here, online, when you need something. If you do find 5 mins here or there, and want to catch up, or need something specific, please ask.

    Do keep in touch, and feel free to share pics of those adorable kids on any forum you choose. When we see how happy and healthy they are, we’ll know their dad’s responsible, and while we’ll be missing your blogs and poems, we’ll know you’re writing plenty of ‘chapters’ in their lives

    Take care my friend.



  3. Oh, so sorry for your injury, Matt. You may not know that I have MS and have difficulty walking. Over the last few years I have had to make adjustments to my everyday life. I understand how you have to let some things go because you simply cannot do what a healthy body can do. The kids are most important. The laundry can wait. Dishes can be left in the sink overnight. Rest and recovery needs your attention as well. I think you will eventually find this situation to be a blessing. I know I have learned to appreciate this slower-paced lifestyle. Hope you heal well!


  4. Catherine Johnson

    I wish I could help too. Do you have neighbours that can help with the outdoor stuff? Try and rest and enjoy Christmas with your family. Take care!


  5. So sorry to hear about the knee injury, Matt. We’ll miss your blog posts, but of course understand you need time to take care of yourself and your family. I have a couple of friends who’ve torn their meniscus and have had surgery. It takes awhile to heal, but thankfully it wasn’t permanently debilitating.

    Take good care and enjoy the holidays as best as you can. We’ll be here when you’re ready to come back. Knowing you, you’ll have some interesting insights to share about what it means to slow down and step back while the rest of the world tries to survive the mad rush.


  6. You have your priorities straight Matt. I know how much time and prep it takes to write a blog. So take the time to heal and enjoy that process. Just don’t place so much pressure on yourself to get it all done, as things will eventually fall into place. Enjoy the holidays and your family. Be well. ~Bobbin Beam


  7. Dear Matt, Take good care of you. We will miss you, but it is so true that you will never be sorry for putting your health and your family first. Your blog will wait patiently and so will we. In the meantime, many warm wishes for a speedy recovery and beautiful holiday. Best, Amy


  8. Thank you all for your kind and supportive thoughts. I wish I could respond to your comments individually, but I can’t….but please know I appreciate each and every one of you and your well wishes. I plan to continue working in my studio and writing – you just won’t know about it! Hopefully I’ll know more about where I stand after next Monday’s MRI. All my best to all of you – and thank you again so much for taking time out of your day to leave a comment!


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  10. Karen Eastlund

    Matt: Thinking of you and the little ones. So sorry that this has happened, but I know you have made a good decision on priority. No need to reply, just know that you are in my thoughts.


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