Poetry Friday: A haiku kind of day

Wow, where does the time go? Last Friday, I was thinking about what I might share this Friday…and here it is, Friday already!

poetryfridaybutton-fulllBy the way, I have to again thank Heidi Mordhorst for nominating this blog for a Sunshine Blogger Award. (I’m glad I bring some sunshine to your universe, Heidi!)

With winter hanging on like it has, I’ve had nature on my mind – and the haiku form is perfect for taking little tidbits of the natural world and showing them in a new or different light. The thing I like most about haiku is the last line, which should be a surprise or a unique observation about the previous two lines. Here’s what I’ve been writing lately:


deep within
insistent wind
her voice


bewitching breakers
sweep me away in a form
of sea-foam sorcery


night birds sing
of love and longing as the forest

– all poems © 2014, Matt Forrest Esenwine


If you’d like to read more poetry, today’s Poetry Friday hostess is the Rogue Anthropologist, Kara Newhouse!  Also, I’m very happy to once again be participating in Ed DeCaria’s #MMPoetry2014 poetry competition, which starts this Monday – be sure to check his site often for updates, and get ready to vote, vote, vote!


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18 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: A haiku kind of day

  1. Matt,
    You’ve got a great feel for haiku. I espeically like the “forest/ eavesdrops.” But I don’t know about those night birds, around here our night birds are coyotes howling.


  2. These are beautiful! I esp love the nightbirds one. I love the verb eavesdrops here (though I wanted to make it leavesdrops!), and it’s also the word I loved most on Steven Withrow’s poem he shared today. Funny to see an uncommon word used twice to great effect today:>)


    1. Thank you, both! Catherine, I always say haikus are easy, but good haikus are really hard…I find it’s a matter of not pushing the poem or trying too hard, but letting the imagery and experience of what you’re seeing write the poem for you. I think the haiku form requires more introspection than most poetry – which makes them fun, when they finally come to you!


      1. Ha, well that can be distracting – or inspiring! Depends on how you look at it, I suppose…I know personally, I do most of my writing when the kids are asleep!


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