Poetry Friday: “NH Rock Garden”

poetryfridaybutton-fulllToday is the day I finally have surgery for my torn ACL, so I’m sharing something I wrote 5 years for my wife. Since I’ll either be on the OR table or loopy from painkillers, I won’t be around today – or much of the weekend, for that matter.

But I hope you enjoy your weekend, and for all of today’s Poetry Friday links and hijinks, visit Fanki and Mary Lee at A Year of Reading!

New Hampshire Rock Garden


My wife wanted a rock garden;

I preferred vegetables,

so I pulled out stones

and planted tomatoes

pulled out more stones

watered the squash

pulled out more stones

thinned the cukes

pulled out more stones

weeded the beans

and when it came time for harvest

pulled out more stones.


She has a rock garden, all right.


© 2009, Matt Forrest Esenwine


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11 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: “NH Rock Garden”

  1. Thanks, everyone! The surgery went well I’m told… and I’m resting at home. I still won’t be around online much because everything I do has to be from my smartphone, as I am unable to sit at the computer. But I do appreciate all your sentiments!


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