Poetry Friday: The 2014 Progressive Poem is complete (with audio!)

2014kidlit_progpoemI want to again thank the wonderful Irene Latham for organizing this year’s 2014 Kidlitosphere Progressive Poem…it turned out beautifully, considering each of its 30 lines was written by a different person!  This year, it started off with Charles Waters’ opening line:

Sitting on a rock, airing out my feelings to the universe

…and then meandered throughout the kidlitosphere blog by blog, finally concluding thusly, courtesy of Tara Smith:

For now my dreams dance along with a gentle blue eyed friend.

poetryfridaybutton-fulllI’m proud to have been a part of the Progressive Poem (having added line #8). Because reading a poem and hearing a poem can leave one with different impressions and feelings, I offered to record a reading of the poem and share it here with readers and fellow bloggers. Fellow writer and blogger Renee LaTulippe will also be recording a reading of the poem – so it will be interesting to see how (or IF) the male perspective differs from a female one.  I’ll be sure to share the link of her recording, once it’s available.

You can read the entire poem HERE, and be sure to check out all the other Poetry Friday happenings at Jama Rattigan’s place – she has a beautiful tribute to her mom, plus enough strawberry shortcake and tea for everyone!

UPDATE! Renee has recorded her reading of the poem, too! Check out her version here:


CRIME POETRY: Yours Truly was featured this week!

If you had a chance to catch my interview with crime poetry editor/poet Gerald So a couple weeks ago, you’ll recall we discussed crime poetry, what it  is and what he’s been doing over at The 5-2: Crime Poetry Weekly.  I’m proud that he liked a poem I submitted enough to share it with his readers as this week’s featured poem!

To read the poem, “To the Accused,” as well as hear me reading it, click HERE…I hope you like it!


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24 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: The 2014 Progressive Poem is complete (with audio!)

  1. margaretsmn

    Lovely, Matt. I could listen and listen again. We did make a fabulous poem this year. I am so impressed with this group of poets.


    1. Thanks, Margaret. I was especially impressed by the fact that we created a rhyming poem that, overall, didn’t feel too forced…which is hard to do with 30 different people!


  2. Julie Larios

    What a beautiful reading voice you have, Matt! Wow. Especially love the way you deliver that last line. The poem was such fun this year – small turns, big turns, but always headed to “the coast.” I’m already looking forward to next year’s version.


  3. maryleehahn

    I guess for once it’s a GOOD thing I’m getting here late — I enjoyed hearing both versions and neither is a favorite!


    1. maryleehahn

      That came out sounding wrong! As soon as I clicked “post” I wanted to yank my words back for revision! “Neither is a favorite” means I LOVE THEM BOTH EQUALLY!!


  4. Catherine Johnson

    Both of those are beautiful! I can imagine you both reading children’s books on the Tele. There used to be a tv show in England called Jackanory, which would have been a perfect fit.


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