Poetry Friday: “The Skipping Stone”

poetryfridaybutton-fulllI’ll be on vacation next week, but the blog will still be going strong…and as I contemplated what to share today, I thought this little vignette from a few summers ago might be just the thing. (It didn’t quite happen exactly the way I describe it!)

And be sure to say hi to Catherine Johnson, who’s hosting Poetry Friday today!

The Skipping Stone

While walking by the lake, I spied a perfect skipping stone
that lay there nestled in the sand, half-hidden, all alone.

It seemed in need of company, and so I thought I’d throw
the stone across the water, to the other stones below.

It skipped along the surface once, then twice, and thrice, and more,
and kept on going, ‘til I was alone there on the shore.

I smiled and turned to walk away, but wait – what did I see?
From far beyond the dock, my stone came skipping back to me.

© 2011, Matt Forrest Esenwine


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18 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: “The Skipping Stone”

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  2. Catherine Johnson

    That’s adorable, Matt. I hope it’s like that when kids leave home or will we just throw further next time? 😉


    1. It’s a discussion that could go anywhere, too – did the rock skip itself? Did someone on the other side skip it back? If it did skip itself, how? And why?? Thanks for stopping by, Violet!


  3. A very summery poem indeed. Was just at the beach recently, so this resonated with me. I didn’t skip stones though. 🙂 Have to do that next time to see whether the stones do have a habit of returning. 🙂


  4. Jessica Bigi

    I imagined my fingers reaching to gather
    A stone from life’s basket clasping not a heavy stone
    Full of life’s uncurtains heavy ruffed from Paine
    My fingers search for the smoothest stone
    Not a heavy stone but a stone that will skip gracefully
    Across the surface of my future
    Smoothing life’s circles
    Like the circles on the water
    As the stone skips out of sight
    my fingers reach to gather
    Another stone from life’s basket
    I’ll keep this stone and call it life

    By Jessica Bigi


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