Poetry Friday: Out of the ocean and straight into “Halcyon”

It was an enjoyable time I had, spending a week on the beach with my wife and kids…but it’s good to be back, because I was just published in the summer issue of Halcyon  Magazine!

poetryfridaybutton-fulllThe irony is that I no sooner left the ocean side, and came home to find my poem was published.   The poem is titled “Oceanside.”

It was one of those poems that I was never sure what to do with…it was too high for a children’s poem, but I wasn’t sure it qualified as an adult poem. So I’m glad Halcyon editor Monique Berry liked it enough to share it with her readers. You can read the poem – and the entire magazine, for that matter – online HERE. Just scroll down a little to the cover with the big blue wave on it (If so moved, you can also purchase a hard copy at the link.)

The thing I like about Halcyon is that it’s bright and colorful, unlike most stuffy, dry adult literary journals. Berry really tries to appeal to the masses in tone and design – and I think she succeeds. I hope you like the poem!

Also, I just received news this week that at least two poems of mine have been selected to appear in a children’s anthology about food and agriculture, being edited by Carol-Ann Hoyte. The title has not yet been disclosed, but the book is due to be out this October. It’s quite an honour to not only have been chosen (along with 33 other poets), but to also be one of only 9 poets who will have more than poem featured in the book!

As we get closer to publication time, I’ll be sure to fill you in on the details. In the meantime, for all of today’s Poetry Friday links and info, please visit my fellow Poet’s Garage member Buffy Silverman (who will also have a poem in that anthology!) at Buffy’s Blog!


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14 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: Out of the ocean and straight into “Halcyon”

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  2. Kathy Brodsky

    Congratulations, Matt!

    It’s great and I love the photo that they put with it. Terrific publicity for you. Fantastic!!!! Kathy Kathy Brodsky o.(603) 668-1975 http://www.kathybrodsky.com / http://www.helpingwords.com / Girl Scouts Studio

    “Like” my author page on Facebook


    • Moments in Our Lives • My Bent Tree & The Inside Story – Green Book Festival Honorable Mention • Just Sniffing Around • Purrsnikitty • The Winner is – Preferred Choice Award, Creative Child Magazine • Stover – Preferred Choice Award, Creative Child Magazine • A Horse Named Special – Creative Child Magazine Picture Book of the Year • A CatFish Tale – Creative Child Magazine Picture Book of the Year; Children’s Choices Award


  3. Halycon is such a lovely publication — love the way the poems are showcased. Congrats on “Oceanside” and your children’s anthology poems. Food and Agriculture, did you say? Can’t wait!


  4. margaretsmn

    Congratulations all around. You persevere. Keep it up. Look forward to the anthology featuring some of my favorite poets.


  5. maryleehahn

    Congratulations on both publications! Thanks for the link to Halcyon. Success breeds the desire for more success, so I’m on the lookout for more places to submit my poetry!


    1. Thank you both! I’m on a Yahoo newsgroup that sends me poetry submissions regularly, plus every now & then I’ll Google “poetry submission” and see what pops up – that’s how I found out about the food & ag. book!


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