Poetry Friday: “It’s the Thought That Counts”

poetryfridaybutton-fulllNormally, I wrestle with which poems to share here each week. While I want to share everything, I have to hold myself back sometimes and not share a certain poem if I think it might be published at some point.

Today, I have no fear of that.

I wrote this quite a few years ago, when I was just beginning to get serious about my children’s writing…and had no idea how similar it was to another poem written by someone far more talented and far more famous than I will ever be. You might known who that person is and to which of his poems I’m referring; if so, you’ll understand why no editor will ever want to touch this. If you don’t know, I’ll keep quiet and let you enjoy the poem.

And for all of today’s Poetry Friday links – and a draft of a beautiful poem she’s writing – be sure to visit Margaret Simon at Reflections on the Teche!

It’s the Thought That Counts

I loaded up my backpack first,
So full of books, it’s set to burst;
Brushed my teeth and combed my hair,
Then put on something nice to wear.
While mom and dad were still in bed
I made some breakfast – jam and bread –
Then 7:30 on the clock,
Went out the door and down the block
To get to school on time, but wait –
I’m neither early nor too late;
I’m kind of sad, I have to say…
Apparently, it’s Saturday.

– © Matt Forrest Esenwine


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18 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: “It’s the Thought That Counts”

  1. Well, no matter if it’s similar to that other poem, it’s fun, Matt. I hope you’ll let me copy & share with my colleagues. I bet they’ll love using it with their students!


  2. Fun poem, Matt and I know the poem to which you refer (at least I think I do.) I actually wrote a poem several years ago that starts off similarly, but has a different punch line. You’ve inspired me to pull it out again!


  3. Nice to know you share ideas with a master children’s poet, anyway. The poem is adorable. I’m sure it will find a purposeful existence even if it’s not traditionally published. Heck, it already has if Linda ends up sharing it with her colleagues who share with their students.


  4. margaretsmn

    Kids get such a kick out of this idea, that you get all ready for school and what do you know? I do like your seeming ease with rhythm and rhyme. Something I struggle with. Have you heard of the book and podcast of Steal like an Artist. Not saying you stole anything, but artists tend to mimic each other in ways that can be flattering and inspiring.


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