Poetry Friday: “Honeybee”

poetryfridaybutton-fulllI didn’t plan on writing a follow-up poem to last Friday’s “Yellow Jacket.”

Then again, I didn’t plan on getting stung a second time, either.

I also didn’t plan on writing three poems about honeybees – but after I wrote the first one, I realized it had potential for Highlights magazine and decided I shouldn’t share it publicly yet. I figured I’d write a second one that I could post here…unfortunately (or rather, fortunately), the second one I felt was very appropriate for the Cricket group of magazines, so that got nixed from my blog, too!

>sigh< Why do I keep making more work for myself??

Honeybee - Image
(click to enlarge)

Getting back to my “inspiration” for these poems, the first sting I got was by a yellow jacket on the fleshy part of the inside of my right arm, between the bicep and triceps. He probably flew off, none the worse for wear, while I went running inside for an ice cube (carrying a 1-yr-old baby, who had been outside with me).

This time around, I was walking barefoot on our lawn – something I rarely do – and stepped on something that shot a searing pain into the second toe of my right foot. It wasn’t as bad a pain as the first time, but painful enough I knew I needed another ice cube! And although I didn’t see what I stepped on, my guess is that it was a honeybee, as many of them are zipping in and around all the clover that covers the yard.

Poor thing probably died, between stinging me and me clobbering it. They’re really not aggressive at all, and only sting when threatened – so it wasn’t the bee’s fault that this giant appendage called my foot came crashing down on his buffet table. I felt I had to write a little something in tribute; little did I know I’d write THREE things in tribute.

All this while I’m trying to finish up a new rhyming picture book manuscript…and live-announcing the Hopkinton State Fair all weekend long (in fact, that’s where I am at this very moment, so I won’t be able to visit many blogs this weekend).  I’m not complaining, mind you – just staggering backwards a bit at the enormity of my workload!

By the way, if you’re looking for more Poetry Friday happenings, check out Jone MacCulloch’s blog, Check It Out! And now, for no particular reason other than because it’s in keeping with the theme of today’s post and is infectiously catchy, I present to you three fellows who started a street-corner group while in college, pretending to be 19th-century singing automatons, and have built it into this…


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17 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: “Honeybee”

  1. What especially grabs me about this short & sweet poem, Matt, is that word, “collaborator.” Fortunately we are learning how much collaboration we backyard gardeners & others must do, to help ensure that the bee’s work, continues. You weren’t thinking of that, likely, but that’s part of the potency of good poetry.

    And I bet you enjoyed the fair!


  2. Karen Eastlund

    Matt: I love “nector collector”… what a great start to a fine poem. Bravo.
    Sorry about the stings. Sometimes inspiration is painful.


  3. Thank you, all! I just got in from Day 1 of announcing the fair and need to hit the hay soon, but wanted to let you know I appreciate your comments. I hope you all have a great weekend!


  4. It’s been a long day, and I’m just reading some of the posts. I would say although painful, the result of the stings were three wonderful poems, including the one you shared. I think it’s great, too, Matt! Hope the weekend is fun work this Labor Day!


  5. “Why do I keep making more work for myself?” is indeed the question of the day – and something that I have been asking myself as well for the looongest time. Great video. Loved the juxtaposition of your poem and the image too. 🙂


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