Poetry Friday: “Standards” – and more zenos!

poetryfridaybutton-fulllI have to thank authors/poets Michelle H. Barnes and J. Patrick Lewis for introducing me to the zeno, a short, fun poetic form Pat came up with a few years ago.

Michelle shared a couple of Pat’s zenos on her blog earlier this month and I went on a zeno-writing spree that had me writing a couple each week! (You can read about what they are and see one of mine HERE)

Today, Michelle is featuring all the zenos she has received at her blog as part of the wrap-up to her “Ditty of the Month” challenge. Hopefully, you’ll also enjoy this new one I wrote specifically for today! And for all of today’s ghoulish Poetry Friday links, Linda Baie is hosting the festivities at Teacher Dance!


When I go trick-or-treating, I’m
not that picky –
not at
all! –
but I may break
down and
with a stinkin’

© 2014, Matt Forrest Esenwine

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14 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: “Standards” – and more zenos!

  1. I think some “used” to give them out, but probably not anymore. You’ve hit it right, though, not always kids’ favorites. The zeno was delightful to try, wasn’t it? One of our classes explored your hailstone sequence mathematically, then wrote their own zenos, Matt! Happy Halloween!


  2. Matt, you went zeno crazy this month and all for our benefit. I am amazed at your prolific touch. I had many attempts at writing in this form before I was able to write just one. Your Halloween zeno is delightful. I can see a child not liking the popcorn ball. I am a chocolate freak myself.


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