Poetry Friday: “Candle at Midnight”

Candle at Midnight

ID-10020422 (candle)I light a candle at midnight.
Now, you can see
a radiant glow –
the smallest of blazes –
deep within
suffocating darkness.
Beyond the
shadows, beyond death,
what remains are
gifts of life:
extinguish the flame,
the scent lingers…
it becomes part of you
with one single breath.
Carry it with you,
your candle at midnight.
Carry it with you.
With one single breath,
it becomes part of you;
the scent lingers.
Extinguish the flame –
gifts of life –
what remains are
shadows. Beyond death,
beyond the
suffocating darkness,
deep within
the smallest of blazes…
a radiant glow.
Now you can see
I light a candle at midnight.

© 2014, Matt Forrest Esenwine

Buffy Silverman is hosting Poetry Friday…and also has candles on her mind! Visit her blog for all of today’s poetry links.


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14 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: “Candle at Midnight”

      1. Thank you, Tabatha! It’s ok, I know what you mean. I had to keep re-reading it myself as I wrote it – not only to make sure I was saying what I wanted to say, but that I was saying it correctly!


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  2. Heidi Mordhorst

    When I need a mantra (which is probably always), I’ll have this:
    Carry it with you,
    your candle at midnight.
    Carry it with you.

    Nice one, Matt. Jolly hols to you and yours!


  3. Very nicely done! They are a tricky format.
    BTW: Thanks for the poem and ornament! Both beautiful! Do you mind if I share it on my site with your credit? I have a few pictures of birches that have been bent low having been “kissed by snow”!


    1. Oh, I’m glad you got them ok – I was hoping the ornament would be in one piece! (They’re hard to put together, but they can break quite easily) Sure, feel free to share it, and please let me know when it’s up, so I can share your post!


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