Poetry Friday: Wry-ku? What’s a wry-ku?

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Once again, I find myself too busy writing to write! I was unable to get this past Tuesday’s post up in time – partly due to my schedule and partly due to a major computer issue the folks at McAfee have spent two days trying to fix, to no avail – but I hope to share that post next week.

Until then, allow me to share with you something I call a “wry-ku”: my attempt at breathing a little humour into a traditionally serious and very un-funny poetic form. It’s a silly name for a poem that is structured like a haiku, but contains a bit of a wry or ironic twist.

Will it become as popular as some of J. Patrick Lewis’ unique poetic creations, like careerhymes and zenos? Who knows…but I hope you like them! And for all of today’s Poetry Friday links and hi-jinx, be sure to visit the lovely and talented Irene Latham at Live Your Poem!

it’s not as cold now
as she was two weeks ago
January thaw

no circumference
of this heavy, orange gourd
we need pumpkin pi

if jealousy stings,
best keep a safe distance, son…
she’s a beekeeper

all poems © 2015, Matt Forrest Esenwine


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24 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: Wry-ku? What’s a wry-ku?

  1. Julie Larios

    Fun, Matt! I love to push against what’s expected of a particular form (like haiku), too. If it’s quiet, make it a little boisterous; if it’s serious, lace it with nonsense. Today I’m going to spend some time experimenting writing some wry-kus!


  2. Irene Latham

    Ha! Look at you inventing a form. Wonderful. I am partial to the pumpkin pi one. 🙂 Meanwhile, hoping McAfee gets you fixed up. SO frustrating when our technology fails us. Happy Poetry Friday!


  3. Wry-ku — very clever! The pumpkin pi has my name written all over it. Can’t wait to see more of these. Good luck fixing the computer issues. I hate when that happens.


    1. Thank you, all! I’m glad you enjoyed these. Liz, I’ll be sure to check that out when I can…it’s day 3 of McAfee trying to figure out what’s going on, so I’m not online much today.


  4. Matt, your unfortunate situations do pile up for you but your humor is intact as can be seen in your wry-kus. Ingenious! I know that everyone is weighing with #2 as the favorite but I do like #3. It has a bite to it.


  5. Mandy Robek

    I enjoyed reading and thinking about wry-ku and anytime there’s a reason to have pumpkin pi I’m in. I loved the connection to math – it’s everywhere.


  6. Would ask my daughter to read your wry-ku :), now that’s a play in words. They’re doing haiku now for Secondary 1 (equivalent of 7th grade in the US), and she’s enjoying it so far.


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