Poetry Friday Anthology for Celebrations: my contribution!

poetryfridaybutton-fulllThe last couple of weeks, I’ve been sharing some poems I wrote that didn’t make it into the newly-released Poetry Friday Anthology for Celebrations (Pomelo Books). Today, I’m sharing the poem that DID make it in!

The latest in the Poetry Friday Anthology series just came out on March 14 (Super Pi Day!) and I’m so happy to be a part of it. PFAC-front-cover-Nov-30-WEB-jpeg-705x1030Published in two versions (a student edition with illustrations and a teacher’s edition with additional information on poetry and lesson planning), the book is comprised of 156 poems in English with a Spanish translation for each poem.

That’s a lot of poetry in one book!

Mine was written in honor of National Cereal Day, which was March 7. Here are both versions of the poem:

Picky Eater

I love my Fruit Loops,
love my Trix,
love Cheerios
and even Kix.
I really like
my Apple Jacks –
but please don’t give me
Sugar Smacks,
or stars or squares or flakes                    
you’ve found –
I only eat, you see,
what’s round.


Exigente Para Comer

Me encantan mis Fruit Loops,
Me encantan mis Trix,
Me encantan los Cheerios
y hasta los Kix.
Y también me gustan
mis Apple Jacks –
pero, por favor
no me des Sugar Smacks,
ni estrellitas, ni cuadritos                    
ni copitos encontrados –
solo como
lo redondo.

– © Pomelo Books, 2015, all rights reserved (Note: cereal brand names are trademarks owned by their companies)

mmpoetry2015-logo-mainBe sure to “check out” the complete Poetry Friday roundup at Ms. Mac’s place, Check It Out! Also, please “check out” the #MMPoetry 2015 tournament that is coming down to the wire at Ed DeCaria’s Think, Kid, Think – only FOUR authletes remain, and Yours Truly is not feeling very happy about having to vote for two of his four friends and not for the other two!

Now, if you don’t mind, there are still a couple of puddles outside that need jumping-into…have a great weekend!
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13 thoughts on “Poetry Friday Anthology for Celebrations: my contribution!

  1. Catherine Johnson

    It really is a treat to read poems from March Madness. I can’t wait to get this book, I’d love to top up my rusty Spanish. What fun!


  2. I performed this poem for kids and then had them chime in on their favorite cereal in a second reading. They LOVED shouting out their favorite cereal names! A fun and super-easy writing exercise that could follow this would be to have kids do a “change poem”: put out Raisin Bran, Rice Chex, Crispix, Corn Pops, Sugar Smacks, Oatios, etc. and have kids go to it!


  3. I am taking a walk down cereal-memory-lane, Matt! I was a Lucky Charms gal, myself…but now more of a Grape Nuts woman. It’s fun to think of cereal in terms !of shape, and I didn’t see your ending coming – such fun! Something about that Sugar Smacks frog always grossed me out… Happy Poetry Friday! xo, a.


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