Poetry Friday: A Spring Symphony

Educator and writer Carol Varsalona has done it again! Following her Winter Poetry Gallery from several months ago, Carol has put together a wonderful look back at the spring season – a blending of words and images she calls the “Spring Symphony Gallery.”

Poetry_Friday logoThe reason I’m telling you this – as if you haven’t guessed by now – is because I am very happy to be one of the contributors to this gallery! You’ll find metered poems, haikus, all sorts of poetry partnered with photos and other images that bring to life the feelings and emotions of the spring season. (You’ll also find my haiku about wild strawberries)

I invite you to spend some time scrolling through the gallery! And many thanks to Carol for putting this all together. It’s been a lot of work on her part! If that’s not enough poetry for you, be sure to visit Katie at The Logonauts for today’s complete Poetry Friday roundup!

I also invite you to check out this past Tuesday’s post about my family’s trip to Maine. What do dead seals, bikini tops, Curious George, and VeggieTales have in common? Our vacation! I share some of the highlights using some of the most memorable quotes I heard over the course of the week…so you’ll have to read it to find out!

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14 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: A Spring Symphony

  1. Yes, Carol puts so much work into the gallery! Thanks for posting the link to it here.
    Your vacation sounds like a lot of fun. And the strawberry goodies you made sound delicious! Ah, summer 🙂


  2. Matt, I am so honored that you wrote about Spring’s Symphony in today’s Poetry Friday post that I cannot contain my joy. The gallery has been well-received so the months of prep have been well spent. I thank you for your continued support and contributions and welcome a fabulous offering of your Maine summer outing for the next gallery, Summer Splashings. I listened to your read-aloud of “Ocean Dreams” and want to congratulate you on your recording. It makes the poem pop in visual glory.


  3. It is a wonderful thing that Carol does, and lovely to read everyone’s poem there. I’m glad you featured it today, Matt. I’ll go back to see exactly what you mean by those words from your vacation!


      1. Matt, what a great idea. I will definitely share that with the teachers I work with for an engaging collaborative poetry writing activity. Thanks Linda and Katie for your comments about the gallery. I am ready to post my Poetry Friday blog now.


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