Poetry Friday: “That Spot on Daddy’s Head”

poetryfridaybutton-fulllI’ve been busy writing, writing, writing – but alas, not much I’m able to share because it’s all being subbed – or will be soon! So I thought I’d go back in time today and share a little ditty I penned 14 years ago, before I even had the notion of becoming a children’s writer.

Is the poem perfect? No. Is it in need of revision? Yep. Will I ever revise it? Probably not, as I’ve too many things to do now, and I don’t really see this ever being published anywhere. But it’s a cute little thing, and I hope you like it. Still can’t believe I wrote it when my oldest kids were still in elementary school, though…wow, where do the years go??

That Spot on Daddy’s Head

My daddy has a bald spot in the middle of his head;
He says he once had lots of hair, but now there’s scalp instead.
Surrounded by a few thin strands of grey and silver fuzz,
That shiny skin is nothing like the way he says it was.

My daddy has a bald spot – yep, it’s right there on my pop;
It’s hard to miss because the sunlight bounces off the top
My mommy doesn’t seem to mind, but Daddy’s not too proud-
‘Cause it’s the only way that I can spot him in a crowd.

© 2001, Matt Forrest Esenwine, all rights reserved

Margaret is hosting Poetry Friday today at Reflections on the Teche and shares two poems by Irene Latham as part of Tabatha Yeatts’ Summer Poetry Swap – a transcontinental exchange of words and images in which I was regrettably unable to participate, due to my busy schedule. By the way, speaking of kids, I invite you to check out this past Tuesday’s post about why you should do more than just ‘play’ with your kids.


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13 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: “That Spot on Daddy’s Head”

  1. Hey, sometimes you need a way to find your dad in a crowd! (My husband is 6’2″ — that has come in handy more than once…) Good luck with all your projects, Matt.


  2. margaretsmn

    My father and brother are both bald. Just don’t forget to put sunscreen on that bald spot. Cute poem. Thanks for sharing.


  3. I have a cousin who’s a pastor & says (jokingly) that his “bald spot” helps him be more saintly. I’ll share this with him as still another good reason, Matt. It is a fun, fatherly poem.


  4. Fun! Thanks for sharing, and I’m excited for your works-in-progress. (And hey, what poem IS perfect, what poem DOESN’T need revision? We all just have to STOP at some point… well done!)


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