Poetry Friday: “Goodbye”

Poetry_Friday logoI mentioned this past Tuesday I’ve been rather busy lately, but I couldn’t let Poetry Friday slip past without sharing something! This is my newest poem; I hope you like it.


The cupboards, bare.
The counters, clean.
The table…gone.
……….The floor
is worn from years
of paws and soles
that scuttled through the door.
Boxes, packed.
……….Papers, tossed.
No food, no clothes;
……………no spouse.
With one small word
the home I loved
…..goes back
……………to just
…………………….a house.

© 2015, Matt Forrest Esenwine, all rights reserved

My folks, who are both in their 80’s, are at a crossroads, trying to decide what to do with their home and property. Mom is in a nursing home, so dad needs to sell the home I grew up in so he’ll have the money to afford her care…but, as you might imagine, he’s having a difficult time making that decision. I wrote this last night, after visiting with each of them.

On a lighter note, Keri is hosting Poetry Friday today (in-between egg-gatherings and honeybee-swarms) at Keri Recommends – and shares a poem Irene Latham wrote about Keri’s “little” farm that is growing, growing, growing!


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26 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: “Goodbye”

  1. margaretsmn

    A home goes back to just a house. That says it all. How sad when these decisions must be made. This pulls on my heartstrings. My parents are thankfully still able to stay in their home. I dread the day when they can’t.


  2. Heidi Mordhorst

    I love how this poem works for all ages, except maybe the “spouse.” But I can’t imagine how the poem would go without the HOME to HOUSE thing. Do you notice that the difference between home and house might be simply US? Nice one, Matt.


  3. I’ve done this with both mine and my husband’s mother’s home. It was hardest with Arvie’s mother because it was the house he grew up in too. He would have loved this poem, Matt. It encompasses all the feelings that are both wonderful when we love a home so much, but hard when we have to leave. Best wishes to you and your parents.


  4. That’s lovely, Matt. At ILA, I wrote a poem (during a session) about leaving a house (we’re hoping to move next year), and reading your beautiful poem inspires me to go back and play with mine some more. Thanks!


  5. Matt, your poem beautifully captures the heart-wrenching sorrow of having to say goodbye to a home filled with so many memories. The lists perfectly depict the mechanics of packing up and discarding. Somehow you’ve introduced just enough rhyme to echo the idea of revisiting items as decisions are made, and the structure really shows disjointedness and unfamiliar territory. Bravo! However, I am sorry for the need to say goodbye to your family’s beloved home.


  6. dmayr

    As long as you have your memories, you’ll always have a home. That’s why writing is so important! If only more people would realize it.


  7. Lovely poem, Matt. When I think of home I still imagine the house I was raised in, that my parents left almost 35 years ago. It is more vivid in my mind than any of the homes I’ve lived in since, including the one we raised our kids in and still live in. There’s something about a childhood home that doesn’t leave you.
    Best of luck to your parents and you with the tough decisions ahead.


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