Poetry Friday: “Poetry…Cubed!” Round 2 continues:

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Are you busy working on your “Poetry…Cubed!” poems? I hope so!

Last Friday, I challenged readers to come up with a poem utilizing imagery from these three pictures:


I’ve already received a few, including the following…

Thanksgiving Day

Last second
Five o’clock dinner-plate
Cranberries in a boil
Turkeys blazing in
Grandmas’ oven
Yesterday grandpa
Chops firewood
Tonight we bless
Those we love
Happy Thanksgiving

– Jessica Bigi

cbhanek cubed poem

– cbhanek

Under Wraps
How bitter it feels to be sweet when you’re not
When you lose what you love
And pretend you don’t care
When all’s gone that you’ve sought
The voice in your head says
Keep cool! Soldier on!
Hold still that façade
Soon the pain will be gone
So while you burn at your core
You keep a stiff lip
You’ve learned well how to hide it
That heart that’s too tender
The one that is falling
The one that you’re holding
So fast in your grip
– Leslie Lotz-Skimmings

poetryfridaybutton-fulllInteresting how the same pictures can stir different thoughts, feelings, and images within different people – which is why I’m eager to see what YOU come up with! Email me your poem at Matt (at) MattForrest (dot) com, and I’ll enter you in the contest. And remember, it’s not a matter of how good or bad it is; the important thing is that you write!

If you missed it, this past Monday’s post featured a found poem to help celebrate writer/blogger Irene Latham’s 10th blogiversary! To check out all the “WILD” poetry, log onto her blog, Live Your Poem. And for even more poetry, please visit Bridget Magee at Wee Words for Wee Ones for today’s Poetry Friday roundup!


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10 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: “Poetry…Cubed!” Round 2 continues:

  1. Thank you for your cubed-poem poetry ministry. I feel better already for having vented–even if the dumping by an old flame was done only in my imagination! …Seriously, I appreciate your counsel to write no matter what: good, bad, indifferent. I appreciate, too, your readers’ tolerance. What a special treat to see how others’ poetry takes off and concludes, inspired as they all were, by the same three starting-images. God bless you!


  2. dmayr

    I started with the bittersweet, which sent me off on a tangent. I ended up with a poem, but without the stove and the football, so I won’t be submitting it here. I’ll post it next Friday on my blog. Thanks for kick-start, Matt!

    I could say I’ll work on another, but, I’m fed up with N.E. Patriots adoration. I see too much of it at work, so I’m in no rush to write about the Pats, or football, at home. 😉


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