Poetry Friday: The final week for “Poetry…Cubed!”

If you celebrated Thanksgiving yesterday, I hope you enjoyed it! Today, it’s time to wake up from that turkey coma and get those entries in for “Poetry…Cubed!” before it wraps up this Monday!

Although I’ve explained the premise behind this challenge before, here are the very simple rules:


  • Use the 3 images below as inspiration to write a poem.
  • The poem can be any form, any number of lines, rhyming or not.
  • The only hitch is that you need to include a reference to all three images in the poem – either via concrete imagery or something more abstract.
  • Ornaments
    (click to enlarge)

    Email your poem to me at Matt (at) MattForrest (dot) com before Nov. 30! Out of all the poems entered, ONE lucky writer will be chosen at random to receive his/her choice of:

Your three images (click to enlarge any of them):


Do you accept the challenge? I’ll post all the poems I’ve received and announce the winner next Friday, Dec. 4. Numerous poems have come in since last week, including a THIRD from Jessica Bigi, who’s on FIRE! Here are the most recent:


Autumn, in a bittersweet mood, once more
makes a puppet of me, puts me right here
next to the wood stove, makes me say
“I don’t know if the fire will catch,”
makes me turn and watch as the fire catches,
makes me turn back and clap my hands,
makes me say “Time for tea,” makes me dance
a little let’s-have-tea-by-the-fire two-step
just like last year and the year before.
I’m nothing in November if not predictable,
but it’s out if my hands, firmly in his:
Autumn, the puppeteer who paints the scenery,
pulls all my strings, knows all my lines,
and me, his well-loved marionette, his little toy.

– Julie Larios

Writing a Cubed Poem

Word jock
Writer’s block
Inspiration glows
Ink flows
Rhyming shoots
Cubed fruits!

– Karen Eastlund



Hot Coals
Under Feet
Go Team Go

– Jessica Bigi

Poetry_Friday logoLooking for more poetry? You’re in luck! Just head over to Carol’s Corner for the Poetry Friday roundup, with all of today’s links ready and waiting for you!

And be sure to send your poems to me at Matt (at) MattForrest (dot) com before this Mon. Nov. 30, to be eligible to win!


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16 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: The final week for “Poetry…Cubed!”

  1. More wonders from those three interesting pictures, Matt, that ‘Autumn puppeteer’, ‘Cubed fruits”, and ‘football ‘cubes under feet’ bring even more wonderful images. It was a great challenge.


  2. More PF smiles thanks to you and the cubed poetry poets. I especially loved the rapid, lively football cheer beat and the acronym spelled:

    Hot Coals
    Under Feet
    Go Team Go

    …Yet, no Patriots hug from me! …When are they going to become human and lose?


      1. Admission: Thought I’d be jubilant at the outcome of last night’s game. Truth is that a had a twinge of sadness when I heard the final score on the news this morning…I’m much more of a perfectionist than I like to admit. I’m sorry the season of perfection for the Patriots has ended…Conflicted…Go figure!


  3. Later to the party than ever, I came by tonight to see if I could tackle the Poetry Cubed challenge–and then I saw Julie’s poem and realized that it’s just not my time to shine. : ) Boy she really booted that one through the goal, and there are several other shiners too.

    Enjoyed hearing all your news (so glad your eye is healing) and look forward to the wrap-up on Friday!


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