Poetry Friday: “Poetry…Cubed!” wraps up!

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Today’s the day!

Earlier this month, I challenged readers to come up with a poem utilizing imagery from these three pictures:


It’s a little contest I call “Poetry…Cubed!”and as I’ve mentioned in previous posts, how good you are – or how good a job you do writing the poem – is less important than your willingness to tackle the challenge. (Remember what I’ve said before: #WriteLikeNoOneIsReading!)

So now that November is over, I can share all of the poems that have been submitted:

The Visit
I won’t be alone
Tonight in my small cabin.
I’ll have company.
I’ll light a warm fire
and decorate with branches
for my puppet guest.
People think I’m odd.
But folks are disappointing.
Toys are constant friends.
– Deborah Holt Williams
A Seasonal Game

Autumn offers sweet solace
as Summer fades away
lulling us into complacency
while Winter lurks on our doorstep
Like syrup coating a bitter pill
it distracts us in early days
with brilliant splashes of color,
maple leaves and bittersweet,
the pulsing heat of a wood stove,
and camaraderie in the stands
where frosty cries fog the frigid air
as fans cheer the flying pigskin
Autumnal beauty hovers,
a neutral zone before
the full blitz of Winter’s winds,
But inexorably Winter slips in
and picks off those vibrant leaves
one by one
In its unrelenting offensive march
it drives forward and blasts us
into our homes to await
the tender shoots of Spring.

– Molly Hogan


Thanksgiving Day

Last second
Five o’clock dinner-plate
Cranberries in a boil
Turkeys blazing in
Grandmas’ oven
Yesterday grandpa
Chops firewood
Tonight we bless
Those we love
Happy Thanksgiving

– Jessica Bigi

cbhanek cubed poem

– cbhanek

Under Wraps
How bitter it feels to be sweet when you’re not
When you lose what you love
And pretend you don’t care
When all’s gone that you’ve sought
The voice in your head says
Keep cool! Soldier on!
Hold still that façade
Soon the pain will be gone
So while you burn at your core
You keep a stiff lip
You’ve learned well how to hide it
That heart that’s too tender
The one that is falling
The one that you’re holding
So fast in your grip
– Leslie Lotz-Skimmings


West Virginia

Misty ghosts of
Blue-gray uniforms
Crowing mountains
Berry-leaved branches
Razing towards glory
Somehow not
As gram remember
Though still in
Her mountain beauty
The cools that warmed our stove
Grew snapdragons’ feet
Distrustful it is
Victory – victory
Streets a blaze
Grams remembering
The heroes that battled here and
The beauty of her mountain home
Lights a candle and prays

– Jessica Bigi

November Haiku

Autumn dances
in gusts of red, gold stars;
bittersweet flames

– Anonymous

Sweet Revenge

The stove burns brightly.
I’ve tricked them again,
fed bittersweet berries
and now they have lain
aside all their worries,
asleep as I sought.
Dear Hansel and Gretel –
now time for the pot.
Oh no! He’s awakened.
My plan to be slick
is failing, I’m falling
into my own trick.

– © Linda Baie 2015, All Rights Reserved


Autumn, in a bittersweet mood, once more
makes a puppet of me, puts me right here
next to the wood stove, makes me say
“I don’t know if the fire will catch,”
makes me turn and watch as the fire catches,
makes me turn back and clap my hands,
makes me say “Time for tea,” makes me dance
a little let’s-have-tea-by-the-fire two-step
just like last year and the year before.
I’m nothing in November if not predictable,
but it’s out if my hands, firmly in his:
Autumn, the puppeteer who paints the scenery,
pulls all my strings, knows all my lines,
and me, his well-loved marionette, his little toy.

– Julie Larios

Writing a Cubed Poem

Word jock
Writer’s block
Inspiration glows
Ink flows
Rhyming shoots
Cubed fruits!

– Karen Eastlund



Hot Coals
Under Feet
Go Team Go

– Jessica Bigi

Her, in November

Love’s seeds burst open
on the vine
as autumn plays its games;
the fire, ’tis sweet,
but once lit, none
dare try contain the flames.

– © 2015, Matt Forrest Esenwine, all rights reserved


I love how the same three pictures can stir different thoughts, feelings, and images within different people. Thanks so much to everyone who submitted their work!

Out of all the poems entered, ONE lucky writer was chosen at random to receive his/her choice of:

And the winner is…

Leslie Lotz-Skimmings!

Congratulations, Leslie! Just send me an email letting me know which of these three prizes you would like, and I’ll get it to you! Thanks again to everyone who participated, and for even more poetry, please visit Buffy Silverman’s blog for today’s Poetry Friday roundup!


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