Cookies vs. Blog

Christmas time’s a-comin’…

This is going to be a short post because I have a number of pressing issues I need to attend to.

Like cookies.

You see, construction work on our house was finally completed this past Sunday ($20,000 worth of ice dam damage from last winter!), and only now can the family and I dive into all our Christmas traditions that we’ve put on hold.

Like cookies!

Yes, I need to get voiceover work done. I have a new picture book manuscript I need to start sending out. I have CYBILS-nominated books I need to read and judge. And the house – especially the upstairs – is in such a state of disruption that it’s hard to find the floor, much less anything else. But I’m determined not to let the important aspects of the holiday slip by.

Like cookies!

Oh, I have cards to send, stockings to hang, gifts to wrap…and a slew of other responsibilities like taking care of the kids while mom’s at work. A guy needs to have his priorities straight, though.

First, we set up the Nativity scene on top of the dining room bureau. This is, of course, what Christmas is all about. Then the outdoor lights went up. Then the 4-foot-tall fake tree was erected in the sun room, since we had no room for a real tree this year.

Pretty much all of that was done before construction began. Unfortunately, we had to put a hold on everything while walls were ripped open, siding was replaced, roofing was redone, and drywall was plastered.

But construction is complete, finally! (New paint and floors are still to come, but we’ll take care of that next year) So it’s time to rejoice in the spirit of the season! The advent wreath is on the table. The shopping is done. Our Christmas mass plans are nailed down.

There’s just one thing that absolutely, positively, needs to be taken care of at this point.



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6 thoughts on “Cookies vs. Blog

  1. Karen Eastlund

    Matt: I salute you for surviving this past year. Seriously.
    Here’s to a calm and stable 2016, full of peace and productivity. And to sweet, spicy, crunchy, lightly browned and perfectly shaped cookies. Lots of ’em.
    Merry Christmas!


    1. Thank you, Karen! Those, as you may have surmised, are my papparkakor cookies in the photo, a crisp Scandinavian spice cookie full of cinnamon, ginger, cloves, and molasses…and the dough I made last week is still in the fridge, awaiting shaping! Have a wonderful Christmas, too!


  2. Matt, I hear you with all of the to do task that are needed before the holidays. You managed to set your mind on baking even amidst all of the clutter/construction. I hope all goes well for you. I enjoyed this post and thank you for finding the poems for Autumn’s Palette.


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