Poetry Friday: “January Shoreline”

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I’d also like to thank Tabatha at The Opposite of Indifference for sharing a poem of mine as part of her series of poetry-song matchups. She finds poems and songs that have some sort of connection and shares them both at her blog. Today’s post features one of my poems paired with one of my favourite songs from Crowded House, along with poems by Liz Steinglass and Amy Ludwig VanDerwater, and you can view it HERE.

Tara Smith at A Teaching Life is hosting poetry Friday today, and is also in a “winter storm frame of mind,” as much of the east coast is expecting a big Nor’easter this weekend. (Thankfully, here in NH, we are not expected to get any snow at all, although our neighbors along the seaboard – Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania – could get 1-2 feet!)

By the way, this past Tuesday night, I played my first game of indoor soccer since being sidelined 2 years ago with a torn ACL…I talk a little bit about the importance of patience in my previous post, if you’d care to check it out!


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16 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: “January Shoreline”

  1. Love how much power is packed in such a short poem. Strong well chosen words!

    Can’t believe NH isn’t expecting ANY snow??!!! How is that possible? We’re bracing for the big one coming this afternoon. Guess it’s our turn for a change. Have a great weekend!


    1. Thank you, Jama! All the reports indicate that the storm will most likely stay farther south and further seaward than they had expected – so south of Boston could see a foot, but north of Boston may get less than 6 inches, and we’ll most likely get not even a dusting. Stay warm!


  2. I too am amazed that you are being bypassed in this storm. Wow, our news is filled with what it’s going to be. Love that picture and your poem, “splinters, mists” is so beautiful, Matt. I can’t wait to see your match-up & others on Tabatha’s post-fun challenge. Glad you can be back at it with the soccer!


  3. January Shoreline is such a pretty picture in grays, and the “blizzard’s frigid fists” is really what it feels like on the shore in January! Took some sunny shots at the shore yesterday morning – love the ocean in winter.


  4. Hi, Matt–

    Love this “neat little package” of sharp short i sounds–the feeling is frigid indeed. We’re at at least 20″ and it’s pouring down–but less wind than expected, which is a good thing. Looking forward to seeing your Crowded House poem over at Tabatha’s!


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