Poetry Friday: “Daylight Savings in March”

poetryfridaybutton-fulllTime to set those clocks ahead! If you live in the U.S., this is the weekend to set your clocks ahead one hour, before you go to sleep Sat. night.

If, on the other hand, you live in one of the other areas around the world who participate in Daylight Savings Time, you may or may not be doing that this weekend! Different countries have all sorts of opinions on when it starts, when it ends, and how long it lasts – which makes me think it would be easier for everyone if we just did away with the whole thing. Do you have an opinion on it?

Daylight Savings in March

A good night’s sleep,
my strength,
I lose much more
than just an hour.

– © 2016 Matt Forrest Esenwine, all rights reserved

My poet friend Irene Latham is hosting Poetry Friday today at Live Your Poem, so be sure to visit for all of the day’s poetry links and fun!

If you missed my interview with her and my review of her new book, you can find that HERE – and I also hope you’ll take some time to check out my blog post from this past Tuesday, on how poems, commercials, and novels are ultimately the same things…really!


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12 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: “Daylight Savings in March”

  1. Arizona doesn’t do DST at all, and some would say we should do away with it. The news last evening had an interesting piece. They said research showed that those few days after we change back in the spring are prime days for heart attacks & car accidents. The fall change shows fewer of these. Less sleep? I like your poem, Matt, that “lose much more”, simple and true.


  2. Matt,
    I’m currently in Tucson for the book fair this weekend. AZ doesn’t do day-light savings time. Our clocks stay the same and when I’m home in HI it is the same story. I actually enjoy not having to change the clock on the microwave oven, the car, the DVR, etc, some of which I can never remember how to do.
    Enjoy your sleep–hope it works for the kids too so you really can get that extra hour.


    1. Thank you, Joy! Unfortunately, kids don’t adjust to DST util a week or two after. In the fall, we ‘gained’ an hour, but the kids still wake up when they always do…and now we lose an hour this weekend, and the kids will have less sleep than normal – ugh!


  3. maryleehahn

    Love your poem, and I vote loudly to DO AWAY WITH DAYLIGHT SAVINGS! Let’s lose a bit of the human desire to control everything and just live in harmony with our planet as we circle the sun!!


  4. Matt — There’s so much truth in this poem. When our children were young, we had to prepare for at least a week of moodiness following the spring ahead. It’s amazing how changing one hour disrupted everyone’s routine.


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