Poetry Friday: “Sledding”

national-poetry-month 2016

For some, winter may be behind us, but this past weekend we ended up with nearly 3 inches of snow and temperatures in the low-teens – so it really didn’t feel like spring! I’ve been meaning to share this poem for a couple years now and keep forgetting…so before spring actually DOES arrive, I thought I’d share it today:


I love to sled,
I love to slide.
I find the biggest hill around
then jump aboard
my plastic ride
and start my journey toward the ground.

Racing down
a sheet of snow,
frozen cheeks and icy hair –
faster, faster,
here I go,
snowflakes flying everywhere!

Carve a turn!
Get it straight!
Don’t think I can take much more!
Wonder how I’ll stop,
but wait! –

……I guess…that’s what…this…
……………    ………is for……

– © 2016 Matt Forrest Esenwine, all rights reserved

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27 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: “Sledding”

  1. Hehehe–love that ending! And carve a turn. And thanks for the reminder to check in on the Progressive Poem! I just walked the dog, and in 45 minutes, we had sun (blue skies in one direction), snow, and sleet. My cheeks and nose are still numb. Whew–spring in Minnesota:>)


    1. Sounds like spring in New Hampshire! Last Friday we had a record high of 77 in our capital, Concord, and 36 hours later we had 3 inches of snow and temps in the teens. Insane! Thanks for your thoughts on the poem…I appreciate you stopping by!


  2. maryleehahn

    Snow here, too, today. Not enough for sledding, though, so we’ll go unbruised this time! (fun poem, but sorry to hear it’s biographical!)


  3. Matt, I have never sledded, so I especially appreciate your poem, rock-stop and all. 🙂 Thank you! Also it reminds me of favorite book THE GIVER and favorite movie IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE, both of which have sledding scenes – a commonality I never realized until just now! Maybe I was a snow fox in a past life? Happy spring!


    1. Irene, my dear Irene…we need to get you up here to go sledding!! It’s something every kid needs to do at some point in their life, no matter how young or old they are. Next time you leave the deep Alabama heat and head north, let me know and we’ll hit the hills!


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