Poetry Friday: More questionable poetry, as Throwback Summer continues!

Warning: this blog post contains hazardous reading material which may leave you wondering how to regain the 4 or 5 minutes of life you will have lost.

poetryfridaybutton-fulllThat’s right…it’s an another thrilling excerpt from one of four high school English writing journals I recently discovered in my parents’ attic! Last week, I explained why I’m sharing these early writings of mine, and how my writing back then helped me develop my writing style now.

This past Tuesday, I shared a few pages from my very first children’s book – more or less. It was a high school Creative Writing project, but the fact that it still exists is stunning.

Today, I have another poem from my sophomore year; this time, from March 1983, the same month that Dr. Barney Clark died 112 days after he had become the first artificial heart recipient, and Michael Jackson’s “Beat It” was all over the airwaves. (I have to mention, it was also the month that Monty Python’s “History of the World” debuted!)

The following doesn’t say much about my poetry-writing skills so much as it gives you a pretty good idea of my sense of humour:

Some Sort of an Ode
(Click to enlarge, if you dare)

For more poetry, please visit Diane Mayr at Random Noodling for today’s Poetry Friday roundup!


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20 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: More questionable poetry, as Throwback Summer continues!

  1. Oh “Me Again”…. you sacrificed the rhythm for the joke in the last line. Actually the poem demonstrates that you had read some quality work along the way. “The fog too thick for eyes” doesn’t seem like typical high school writing.


    1. Hi, Brian, yes, the last line just clunks right along with absolutely no rhythm, doesn’t it? I was – and still am – a big fan of British Lit (Shelley, Keats, Shakespeare, et al), so even in 10th grade I had read enough to get a sense of their style. I wasn’t close to copying it, but I recognized it, at least!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. dmayr

    Ah, the Love Boat. Were you a fan, Matt? What I’m enjoying is the handwriting! Handwriting, too, has fallen by the wayside, hasn’t it? Keep sharing and we’ll keep reading it!


  3. Yes, I can see that humor. You surprised me, & it shows where tv was also. Love the Me, again. I think I missed that earlier. You make we want to return to my old notebooks, Matt, but I might not be brave enough to share!


  4. Throwback summer writing: ah! fond memories of high school. Interesting that a young man would throw in love boat as the last line. What a fun way to celebrate writing-looking back on the way we were. Keep the old line coming, Matt.


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