Poetry Friday: Look at what’s in paperback!

Look at what my 6-year-old just brought home!


Imagine my surprise a few weeks ago, when my son brought home a stack of Scholastic order forms…and they were selling the paperback version of The National Geographic Book of Nature Poetry (National Geographic Kids, 2015)!

What may be old hat for some writers was an absolute thrill for me – seeing a book I contributed to there, in my son’s catalog! I had to buy a copy, which just arrived a couple of days ago. Here is my poem, along with the one I share the page with, from Charles “Father Goose®” Ghigna (click to enlarge):

© 2015 National Geographic Society, Charles Ghigna, and Matt Forrest Esenwine; all rights reserved.
The original hardcover is still available everywhere, of course, so be sure to pick up a copy if you haven’t yet! Also be sure to stop by Carol Varsalona’s Beyond LiteracyLink, for today’s complete Poetry Friday roundup!


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26 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: Look at what’s in paperback!

  1. Matt,
    Congratulations. I can only imagine how you must feel, BUT I’d really be more interested in your son’s reaction to Daddy being in the Scholastic book club, and his teacher. Has your son’s school called for a school visit?


    1. Thanks, Joy! My son thought it was sort of cool, but was more interested in just reading the book – so I can’t fault him for that! As for the school, unfortunately no…in fact, none of the schools I’ve contacted in the area have had any interest in even following up with me, let alone inviting me. I was hoping that at least my son’s own school librarian would be in touch, but alas, no.


  2. Love this poem, Matt and Charle’s as well. A perfect complimentary page duo! What I don’t understand however, and I brought this up on FB, is the change of the cover. Is Scholastic putting out the paperback? That would explain it.


  3. Matt, isn’t life grand? Not only were you surprised but we get to benefit from the surprise. I love the last few lines of Rainbow Eucalyptus. it is like a piece of art unraveling in words.


  4. lindabaie

    I really believe this is more special than the publishing, Matt. That your child brought home his Scholastic catalog with his dad’s poem in one of the books is terrific. Glad you shared!


    1. I appreciate you stopping by, Michelle, thank you! When Pat asked me to write a poem about these trees, I had no idea what they were – but he was under deadline and needed it by the end of the week. I somehow managed to research them, write two poems, revise one, and have it accepted all within about 4 days. THAT was the most amazing part of this whole project, for me!


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