Poetry Friday: “Life and Death on the Living Room Rug”

Let’s be honest; if the title of this blog post doesn’t compel you to read it, nothing will…

Life and Death on the Living Room Rug

He should never have strayed.
Away from the herd, he was
vulnerable; young, naïve to the ways
of the enemy.
Stumbling clumsily
across carpet braids, searching for food
on this ancient Asian plain, he had no idea
what lay in wait.
From behind thick trunks of coffee
table forest,
two plastic Velociraptors attack
hapless Hadrosaur;
one bites at his back, the other
uses sickle-claws
to tear his sides.
Unexpected to all,
the Tyrant King arrives
(perched atop Grave Digger, appropriately),
spies the bloodless carnage,
disperses speedy thieves
with a toddler-sized roar,
and enjoys a duck-billed dinosaur dinner
before bedtime.

– © 2017, Matt Forrest Esenwine, all rights reserved


I wrote this little slice o’ life as a tribute to the imagination of my 7-year-old son – a poetryfridaybutton-fulllbudding truck-driving, superhero paleontology artist- and also as a way to practice some internal rhyme. Hope you liked it! For more poetry, be sure to visit Penny Parker Klostermann for today’s complete Poetry Friday roundup!


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26 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: “Life and Death on the Living Room Rug”

  1. lindabaie

    It’s simply wonderful to listen to the words, and you captured it beautifully, Matt. I love the unusual, but truthful, “bloodless carnage”. Just great!


  2. Karen Eastlund

    Much more enjoyable than the image I first conjured with your title…haha. I reread for internal rhymes and must congratulate you … bravo all around! Grandkids on the way here… soon my own drama will play out!


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