Poetry Friday: “Arrival”

I have the ocean on my mind.

The family will be heading off to York Beach, Maine again this summer to spend our annual week vacation, so sun, surf, and sand are the three most prominent subjects in my head right now! In keeping with this theme, I thought I’d share this snippet from a poetry picture book I’m currently submitting…if you’re an agent or editor and you like it, please feel free to contact me! (Please!)

(click to enlarge) Photo courtesy Photobucket

Carol at Carol’s Corner is hosting Poetry Friday today, so if your’e looking for more poetry, please stop by and say hi!

===================================================A Kirkus starred review! Flashlight Night (Boyd’s Mills Press) arrives in bookstores everywhere Sept. 5, 2017!

Pre-orders are available now through Barnes & Noble and Amazon, or by clicking the image of the cover to the right. Of course, if you prefer, you can always wait til Sept. 5 and purchase it at your favorite local independent bookstore.

And thank you for all your support!


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32 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: “Arrival”

    1. Thanks! It’s actually easier to get a contract than an agent – at least it’s been that way for me – because I think there are so many folks out there, an agent wants to see you have more than 1 or 2 stories in you. I didn’t know about #PBPitch until last night, but unfortunately I’ll be in Maine then!

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      1. You can use something called hoot suite to schedule the tweets. You don’t have to be in twitter all day that way. I have 8 mss that are submittable and a long list of ideas I need time to write. I hope at least one or two of them are worthy one day… Good luck to you and have a fun trip!


  1. lindabaie

    We’re headed to the beach next month, Matt. Hope you have wonderful starry night walks with your kids! Lovely memory captured here, and best wishes for getting it into someone’s hands!


  2. haitiruth

    I love it! Family beach time – from childhood and with my own kids – is the source of the best memories! Ruth, thereisnosuchthingasagodforsakentown.blogspot.com


    1. Thanks, Christie. Next time you’re up there, you need to stop by the Kettle Boys for their Bleu Cheese & Honey popcorn..it is OUT OF THIS WORLD. They also sell frozen, dark chocolate-covered Key Lime Pie slices, which is also something I can’t visit York without!

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  3. maryleehahn

    I’m happy to let all of you crowd the beach, while I ride my bike or take my fly rod to a quiet spot on a river!

    Happy Father’s Day, and good luck finding a home for your picture book!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, Mary Lee! The nice thing about York Beach this time of year is that it’s before the peak season, so although it’s a bit busy, it’s not at all crowded…some of the downtown seasonal shops aren’t even open yet!


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