Poetry Friday: “Mac ‘n Cheese, Please”

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If you have not heard the gastronomically fantastic news, today is National Mac ‘n Cheese Day! I have no idea who decided this, but I appreciate the sentiment.

Around here, my 3-year-old daughter prefers the boxed, store-bought variety; my 7-year-old son, on the other hand, doesn’t care if it’s store-bought, restaurant-prepared, or my own homemade…if it’s pasta and cheese, he’s on it.

Someone else who is celebrating the holy union of pasta and dairy is Tabatha Yeatts, who is hosting Poetry Friday today at The Opposite of Indifference – where you’ll find plenty of cheesy (and not-so-cheesy) poetry!


“Delicious language…ingenious metamorphoses” – Kirkus Reviews

“Balladic verse” – Publisher’s Weekly

“Beautiful words and amazing illustrations” – Michelle Knott, Mrs. Knott’s Book Nook/Goodreads

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And thank you for your support!

24 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: “Mac ‘n Cheese, Please”

  1. maryleehahn

    I researched names of pastas (good grief there are a lot!) and cheeses, but I didn’t get anywhere with that. Clearly, you’d already claimed that territory! Your last stanza made me snort — you promised cheesy and you delivered!


  2. Oi, Matt, my arteries are clogging just reading this (and I mean clogging as in energetic step dancing with partner or group for the joy of it)! I *have* always wondered how “macaroni” became the pasta of choice for Kraft, with so many possibilities…


  3. Thank you so much for your kind words, everyone – I appreciate you taking the time to stop by! I’ve been running errands all day with 2 kids and a sick dog, so I’m just poking my head in now before I head off to the store and then make dinner…but I hope you all have a nice, cheesy weekend!


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