Poetry Friday: Birthday poem “Her Green World”

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This photo was taken a couple of weeks ago when my wife and I took our two kids to Quechee Gorge, Vermont – our local “Little Grand Canyon,” as they call it.

It’s a nice place to hike, explore, get wet, have a picnic, or just relax. At one end of the gorge rock ledges jut out of the earth as the Ottauquechee River smooths; folks can meander around carefully and take a dip in the water. At the other end is the dam that keeps all the river water under control, where you can see the waterfall (some days more exuberant than others) and take a stroll along the upper river – which is where this photo was taken.

I should mention that I wrote this poem with my youngest daughter in mind, not only because she’s in the photo, but because her birthday is coming up in just a couple weeks, so I thought it might be a nice early birthday gift for her.

I also need to wish the great Percy Bysshe Shelley a posthumous Happy Birthday, as he was born on this very date, Aug. 4, 1792; his poem, “Ozymandias,” is one of my favorites, and is one of the reasons why I started learning to write poetry – and specifically sonnets – in high school.

Donna Smith at Mainely Write is hosting Poetry Friday today, so head on over to check out all of the day’s links and fun!


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21 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: Birthday poem “Her Green World”

  1. jheitman22

    What a beautiful commemoration of a place and special person! And I, too, love Ozymandias and have thought of it quite often lately in regard to current events. Have a great weekend, Matt and family!


  2. She runs ahead of her royal guard……ah, yes. I am familiar. Enjoy every moment. It really is just the blink of an eye. What a gift to your girl. I wish her something peridot in color for her birthday!


    1. Thank you, Donna – that’s my favorite line, too! I’m happy to have been able to use ‘august’ as both the word meaning ‘royal’ as well as the inference to the month, and ‘noble toes’ has such a nice internal rhyme, I think.


  3. There’s a nice photo of me and my brother at Queechee Gorge, taken about 1972 I guess–but it’s not as nice as this one. What a gift indeed–“an august carpet for noble toes”–lovely! And I’m just so thrilled for you and *Flashlight Night*!


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