Poetry Friday: Arctic haiku

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This photo of the view across from our house was taken awhile ago…thanks to Winter Storm Grayson, there’s now 16 inches more snow than there had been, which I suppose underscores the whole point of this haiku!

For more poetry links, please head over to Reading to the Core, where Catherine Flynn is hosting Poetry Friday today with a spotlight on the new children’s poetry book,  Can I Touch Your Hair? Poems of Race, Mistakes, and Friendship (Carolrhoda Books) by two friends of mine, Charles Waters and Irene Latham.


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Thank you so much to all who have enjoyed “Flashlight Night” enough to write about it:


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25 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: Arctic haiku

  1. Karen Eastlund

    Interesting haiku, Matt. I like it, and it challenges me. The only solace I can offer re: your weather is that snow is a good insulator. Keep warm up there!


  2. I can imagine how cold it is by the description of the sight in your poem, Matt. Stay warm. I think I captured this poem for the winter gallery. I like the fact that it is colorless.


  3. I was just wondering how the deer are faring in this frigid cold with such a deep snow cover. It’s pretty brutal but at least it can inspire poetry. Keep on writing–with fingerless gloves if necessary!


  4. lindabaie

    “dead of winter” for sure, and I imagine many animals have struggled like people there, too. Hoping for higher temperatures for you and everyone in the east, Matt!


  5. Oh that dead of winter….it’s onlly because of that dead that spring feels so good. Kind of like stopping hammering one’s head to feel better from not getting knocked in the head! Happy New Year. I love seeing your enthusiasm across social media.


  6. Diane Mayr

    I think we got about 18″, Matt. It’s really hard to gauge because the wind left incredibly high drifts. Tomorrow back into the 30s. Hallelujah! (But I wonder where the melting snow will go if everything under it is frozen solid? That’s a problem for next week…)


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