Poetry Friday: Ocean storm haiku

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Mary Lee Hahn is hosting Poetry Friday today at A Year of Reading, so head on over for more poetry – and a look at an unusual form called a “Blitz Poem.”


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27 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: Ocean storm haiku

  1. Isn’t it incredible that when we need a “simple” or “quick” something (I’m speaking for myself of course) for Poetry Friday…we can write our way into something beautiful and profound and really stunning. You may have spent hours over this….but somehow, I think you looked at those clouds and that sea and the words flowed. Am I right? A beautiful haiga.


    1. Thank you so much, Linda. It’s funny how some poems come more quickly than others. This took about an hour. The poem I wrote for the upcoming follow-up to “School People,” a villanelle, took days of thought but only about an hour or two to finalize on paper. Conversely, the poem I wrote for “Lullaby & Kisses Sweet” took hours and hours and SEVEN revisions! One never knows what’s going to happen…

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  2. lindabaie

    You made me imagine what it must be like if out on a boat with that storm approaching. Love the drama, would be happy to just be viewing it!


  3. Matt, this is a winning combo. What an amazing image poem that is filled with the rush of the sea and the darkness of the tone. You found a photo prompt that inspired you to write from the corners of theater background, I see. Would you be interested in offering this poem for my summer gallery, “TheArtofSummering”?


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