Poetry Friday: “Imaginary Friend” video for #WorldReadAloudDay

It’s #WorldReadAloudDay, and I’m going to be busy all day long reading to students in schools all over the U.S. (including Alaska!) and Canada – and to say I’m excited is an understatement!

Reading to kids is important, not just to instill in them an appreciation for the written word, but to encourage them to use their imaginations in bringing the stories to life. I remember many years ago, when my father first suggested to me, as a child, that I listen to some of the old radio dramas he had on vinyl.

“Listen??” I said. “I’m just going to listen to people tell a story? With no pictures??”

“Trust me,” he replied…and I did.

And my life was changed.

It is in this spirit of imagination – and the spirit of #WRAD – that I produced this video. I hope you enjoy it…

Please feel free to share this video with anyone you know who might appreciate it. And for more poetry, Tabatha is hosting Poetry Friday today with a “Curtain of Bliss” at The Opposite of Indifference – and now that she mentioned it, I think I’m going to call my little studio/pillow fort “The Curtain of Bliss!


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23 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: “Imaginary Friend” video for #WorldReadAloudDay

  1. maryleehahn

    My current read aloud is the podcast (full cast audio) The Unexplainable Disappearance of Mars Patel. It’s like a serialized radio show. My students are thoroughly enjoying it!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Very cool! A number of years ago (mid-’90’s, as I recall) I was able to take part in NH Radio Theatre, a local group of radio folks from stations all over the state . We put on live performances of radio theatre on stage, complete with microphones for each of us while we stood, speaking our lines, and even a Foley table for sound effects. It was a lot of fun…alas, we just couldn’t get enough of the pubic interested to keep it going.

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  2. Linda M.

    Well done! My favorite line in the White post is about how your Dad said, listen. Life changing. Great visit today. Thanks for the video!


  3. lindabaie

    I read aloud to my own children all the way to early high school & remember the time with a smile. Reading aloud is a special thing I wish every child could experience. Love seeing and hearing you in your ‘pillow fort’, Matt & that poem about your “Imaginary Friend”.


  4. Matt you have such a great read aloud voice, and your pillow fort is pretty cool too. My youngest is not much of a reader, so I just ordered audible to see if he would respond better to audio books to help improve both his interest in reading, and improvement in his comprehension. I agree that when you are listening, your imagination blossoms.


    1. Thank you, Jean! Audio books might, indeed, help…as will finding the right books. My son, for instance, rarely reads fiction, but devours non-fiction. My youngest daughter has no real interest in Dr. Seuss books, but she loves anything to do with princesses and animals – so sometimes it takes awhile to figure out preferences. Keep at it!

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Michelle Kogan

    As Linda said above, I also read aloud to my kids up into high school, and I’ll often try to sneak a bit in here and there with any willing ears. So happy for “Imaginary Friends” and your poem supporting them, thanks Matt!


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