Poetry Friday: “Sledding”

This post was originally published 4 years ago, in 2017. I had been perusing some of my past posts and came upon this – and since it’s been a favorite of mine ever since I penned it, I thought I’d share it again here, in case you hadn’t had a chance to read it the first time. Hope you enjoy it!


(click to enlarge)

I took this photo of my son sledding at our next-door neighbors’ backyard almost exactly 2 years ago, and as I looked at it, certain thoughts kept coming to me: a long way down, a long climb up, his being undaunted in trudging uphill over and over, to enjoy the thrill of the ride.

030This poem came out of that. He was 5 at the time, and had never been tubing before – and had never worn a helmet and goggles before, either! So for someone who had been sledding almost as long as he had been walking, he was enjoying these new experiences.

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41 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: “Sledding”

  1. You gave me quite a thrill on this sledding ride, Matt. I am sure your son loved the experience. Would you like to offer this image poem to my Winter Wonder Gallery? Is is large enough to be seen without the enlargement feature?


    1. Thank you, Mary Lee – that was actually the hardest part, because I knew what I wanted to say, but didn’t want it to sound forced or trite or didactic. I’m pretty comfortable with the way I solved it, so I’m glad you liked it, too!


  2. Exuberant, Matt! Thanks for sharing. We raised our kids in north Georgia and they did get to sled some winters, but your kids have “serious” snow to contend with. (And now my now-grown kids are still in the Georgia mountains, but here at the SC coast we have no snow to contend with! ;0) )


  3. Love this, Matt! It brings back many memories of my childhood in Colorado. Sledding was serious business in my family. My dad and my three sisters and I packed the sled run just right…even building a bank so as to stay on the run as when we hit the sharp curve…even carrying a bucket of water to ice the bank to make it more substantial. Then with Dad on the bottom and all of four of us stacked by age on his back….ZOOM!….we’d attempt to make it all the way down without losing anyone off of the stack. We were using a long, wooden sled with runners and handles for steering. Thanks for the trip down memory lane!


    1. Wow, you DID take it seriously! I recall as a kid in 3rd or 4th grade, hurtling down a hill on a silver disc, and when I approached a sharp turn, I kept going straight and smashed into the boulder behind it! I still have the scar on my right leg, but I never lost my desire to sled, fortunately. Thanks for stopping by!

      Liked by 1 person

  4. lindabaie

    We, in Denver, didn’t get snow this recent storm, sad for me (for moisture) & for the grandgirls whose dad always builds a run for them outside their home. The mountains got plenty for the skiers, thank goodness. Maybe soon for us? I remember your poem, which brings memories of my own sledding, down, down a hill, trying hard not to end up in a creek! Yes, ‘blinding speed’!


  5. My brothers, sister and I used to sled in the winter on a hill behind our house. It was my favorite thing and the photo and poem absolutely captures it. It was always worth the climb in good snow.


  6. kareneastlund4898

    We all have these memories… my oldest son, I think only two, was sent down a steep hill alone by my brother-in-law. I was scared spitless, but we could hear him giggle all the way down. Love the poem! Thanks.


  7. “There’s risk ahead…” yes and that’s the best part! Love your poem. Just went sledding with my kids after our recent blizzard. Never too old to have fun in the snow. Your son’s picture in the snow tube is so cute!


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