Poetry Friday: New Hampshire celebrates another new book release with David Elliott’s “The Seventh Raven”

Once Upon Another Time.

The Wisdom of Trees.

The Seventh Raven.

For a little state, we’ve really been cranking out the children’s books this month!

First, Lita Judge and I shared a publication date on March 2 with our two new releases. And just a little over a week ago, my neighbor David Elliott’s new YA verse novel, The Seventh Raven (HMH Books for Young Readers), hit bookshelves nationwide.

David’s been receiving great praise for his new book, which is his unique take on the classic Brothers Grimm tale, “The Seven Ravens,” about seven brothers whose lives are saved by their youngest sibling, their sister. (There are actually multiple variants of this tale across Europe, from Poland to Greece)

In David’s re-telling, six of the brothers are all named Jack while the seventh, youngest brother is Robyn. David has said that he named them all Jack because he didn’t want to shift the focus of his tale away from Robyn and the brothers’ sister, April, who attempts to rescue them.

David felt that naming all 6 brothers Jack also helped show how similar they were in their attitudes about who they were and how they were content living their lives as they were. They were all like-minded; hence, they were like-named.

It is Robyn, on the other hand, who feels a different calling, and it is his story that David tells, beginning his novel with a poem title “Change” that features a cadence and language befitting a classic fairy tale:

“Change” goes on to detail the myriad lives of the forest – from the bears and wolves to the trees and river – concluding with the image of a cottage whose “timbers are aching” and whose “joists beg for mercy” from the many pairs of boots stomping through it each day, and the family living within its walls:

If you’d like to learn more about David’s book, including why he enjoys verse novels, how he decides to approach the craft, and why he chose this particular tale to tell, I encourage you to check out the following video from one of our local indie bookstores, Gibson’s Bookstore of Concord, NH which hosted his official book launch on March 16:


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16 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: New Hampshire celebrates another new book release with David Elliott’s “The Seventh Raven”

    1. There must be, indeed! Tomie dePaola lived just 20 minutes up the road from me, Donald Hall was two towns over, and Tasha Tudor had a home about 15 minutes from here. Plus Maxine Kumin, Beth Krommes, Jodi Picoult, Robert Frost, e.e. cummings…a lot of talent in a small space!


  1. Linda Mitchell

    ooooh, this new YA sounds wonderful. Thanks for the tip. Like so many, I’m a fan of folktales from around the world. And, I lived in Greece for a time. So I’ll be making sure to pick up The Seventh Raven. And, I will be happy to promote Once Upon Another Time. I love book promotion! It’s fun.
    Mr. Linky isn’t working so great for me this morning. I hope it’s working better for you!


  2. Janet F.

    Oh you have really enticed me Matt with The Seventh Raven. I agree with Kay about those opening lines. So nicely done. I want to read this book and share it. Also The Wisdom of Trees is one I think I must have. I may have to move out of my house at this point though!!! Thanks for sharing and I will return to watch the video. Yours and Charles’ new book is wonderfully done and I hope to see it find its way into many lives and classrooms, homes and hearts. Congratulations!


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