Poetry Friday: “Untitled.” (and yes, that’s actually the title)

As I always say, one never knows from where or when a poem will materialize.

In the case of today’s poem, it didn’t even wait for me to have my morning coffee.

And no, the poem is not untitled. The title is “Untitled.”

I had barely woken up – I hadn’t even taken the dogs outside yet – when I noticed the dense fog lifting off the pond across the street. So I dropped what I was doing and ran over to catch some shots.

As I took a few pictures (you can see the short video from my original Instagram post HERE), words started swirling around in my head, so I went back to the house and jotted them down on my phone. Twenty minutes later, I had a short poem I was rather proud of.


I rise
like early-morning fog;
slow and thin, lifted
by the cool breath
of a boundless new day.

– © 2021 Matt F. Esenwine, all rights reserved


Now, folks who don’t write poetry won’t realize how much work actually went into writing these five short lines. But for those of you who do write, or are learning how to write, poetry…there was quite a bit of thought required, at a time of day when coherent thinking doesn’t always come easily.

First, I needed to figure out what to say and how to say it – in way that wasn’t tired or cliched. I also deliberately made use internal rhyme, playing with the “L” sound throughout, as it felt fluid on the tongue. I included two “F” sounds and a “TH”, which is similar, because those very felt airy and wispy. And I even spent time considering how to alliterate “breath” and came up with “boundless.”

As for the title? I spent a good additional 5 minutes thinking about that, when it occurred to me that the poem was about limitless possibilities! So since the day was new and ‘untitled”…wouldn’t “Untitled.” be the perfect title?

Hopefully you can see why I was so proud of those 20 “pre-coffee” minutes I spent writing. For today’s complete Poetry Friday roundup, be sure to visit Catherine at Reading to the Core where she is sharing a poem – about poetry!


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23 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: “Untitled.” (and yes, that’s actually the title)

  1. So many things I love about your poem, Matt – the loveliness of the words, the sounds, the feeling evoked. Plus, I get to use a new term I learned today since I noticed your effective enjambment. (Hopefully I’m correct in that). Thanks for sharing.


  2. margaretsmn

    It’s as fun to read about your process as it is to read the poem. Untitled is a good metaphor for a new day and a new page in your notebook.


  3. Matt, it totally understand the urgency in your process. When the muse sits on your shoulder, you respond. Thank you for your exact explanation. The poem and image evokes the endless opportunities of a new day. I wonder if you would be interested in blending the poem and image into an image poem for an upcoming fall gallery? ( Title of the gallery TBD)


  4. First of all, mad props on anything that gets written pre-coffee. I enjoyed the poem (and the story of the find). Of course, I was most appreciative of hearing your process in writing the poem.


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