Poetry Friday: York Beach haiku

This post was originally published on July 13, 2018. My family and I spent our annual vacation back at York Beach this week, so my brain is still full of sunshine and sea spray. I thought I’d bring this favorite of mine back this week, since I’m doing my best to not work. 😉

Janice Scully has today’s Poetry Friday roundup at her blog, Salt City Verse!


(click to enlarge)

My wife captured this photo during the last week of June, while we were staying at a friend’s cottage along York Beach, Maine. We were walking along the shore around 6pm or so, and after a brief rainfall, we noticed the sky attempting to display three separate rainbows. Alas, they were only pieces, but I’ve had this image stuck in my head for some time now, and wanted to find a few words to accompany it. Finally did!

By the way, if you missed my little “tip of the hat” to elementary school teachers, you’ll find a mid-summer poem HERE – along with links to a few of the summer reading lists that include Flashlight Night (Boyds Mills Press, 2017)! Of course, if you’re still hungry for more poetry, you’ll find all of today’s links at Poetry for Children, where Sylvia Vardell is hosting Poetry Friday.


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30 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: York Beach haiku

  1. lindabaie

    You probably know I love the sky, so understand your wish to capture this in words, too, Matt. What a gorgeous photo and place! I love the “sunshine thumbprint”.


  2. maryleehahn

    Wow. That’s one amazing sky, captured in one amazing photo. I like the unique perspective of the bits of rainbow as thumbprint!


  3. haitiruth

    I love “sunshine thumbprint.” And what a beautiful photo! I love writing haiku about photos. Ruth, thereisnosuchthingasagodforsakentown.blogspot.com


  4. lindabaie

    Love it again, Matt, makes me wish I was closer to the beach. And, since it’s always dry here, I’m also always wishing for rainbows! Have a nice holiday weekend.


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