Poetry Friday: “George, at Day’s End”

poetryfridaybutton-fulllPoetry can come from unlikely places.  Like cargo crates.

A couple of weeks ago, I was visiting Catherine Johnson’s blog and she had posted a drawing of a monkey lying on his stomach on a large wooden crate. She asked readers to share a quick poem that might be inspired by the picture. As soon as I saw how exhausted that monkey looked, I knew I had the basis for my poem – and within about 15 minutes, I had it completed.

Now, I’m the type who takes the time to tweak, edit, revise, and re-read my poems over and over again, to make sure they are as good as they can be. First drafts are never final drafts. But after re-reading it literally dozens of times, I’m not sure there’s anything else the poem needs me to do to it.

It doesn’t even need an illustration to accompany it, for a reader to grasp who my subject is.

So I hope you like it…and for more poetry, please visit Margaret at Reflections on the Teche!

“George, at Day’s End”

Found all he could find.
Saw all he could see.
Learned all he could learn.
Been all he could be.
Far too full to eat.
Much too tired to play.
Someone’s had enough
curiosity for one day.

– © 2013, Matt Forrest Esenwine


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