Poetry Friday: FOUR new poems at YARN!

This has been a busy poetry week for me!  My interview with J. Patrick Lewis was posted at the Poetry at Play blog, I’ve been in touch with two different editors about two different projects, I’m trying to finish up a couple of poems I started awhile back, and now – more news to report from the good folks at YARN!

Back in October, I told you about the online literary journal, Young Adult Review Network (YARN).  They had published my poem, “Apple Stealing,” as one of three poems they were using to promote their “Fall Treats” poetry contest.  Well, this time around, they’ve published FOUR of my poems! (I actually have my own page – I feel so special!)

These aren’t children’s poems, but I was never sure they really fit the ‘adult poetry’ niche, either…so I’m glad they found a home with young adults.  I hope you’ll enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed creating them.

And as if having four poems published simultaneously in an online journal such as YARN wasn’t enough, I was just notified by one of their editors that they are nominating “Apple Stealing” for a Pushcart Prize , which you can learn more about HERE.  This honour reflects upon the journal that publishes the prize-winning poem as much as it does the person who wrote it – so I wish YARN the best!

Like I said, what a week – whew!  But that’s still not all; for more great Poetry Friday offerings, please visit Amy at The Poem Farm.

Poetry Friday: Fall Treats at YARN!

Click to go to the Young Adult Review Network and my poem!

Last week, the folks at the online literary journal, Young Adult Review Network (YARN), published three poems to promote their “Fall Treats Poem Drive and Contest.”  All three poems had been submitted by individuals from different parts of the country who did not know each other, did not know what the others were writing about, nor even when the poems might be published, if at all.

Coincidental, then, that they all had apples as their subjects!

YARN, apparently, knows a good idea when it hits them on the head (Get it?  Like Sir Isaac Newton?  The apple fell, and hit them on the – ok, you get it), so they decided to use apples as their October theme.  I’m pleased that they were inspired by one of my poems not only for publication, but for helping them formulate their contest, which just began this past Monday.  You can view all three poems here…then write one of your own and send it in!

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