#MMPoetry – 2014 and a look back

poetryfridaybutton-fulllBy now you probably know at least a little bit about this year’s #MMPoetry2014 competition, of which I am again a part. Each year, Ed DeCaria at Think Kid, Think! hosts a bracketed poetry competition similar to that famous college basketball tournament in March, featuring 64 “authletes” competing against one another.

Each of us is given a word (mine is “appendage”), and then we have 36 hours to craft a children’s poem using that word. Whoever wins their round moves to the next bracket, and so on, until we have one clear and decisive victor!

Voting is ongoing right now for my First Round matchup against fellow Poet’s Garage member Buffy Silverman until around 2pm EDST (US) today…so please don’t delay, vote for your favourite before it’s too late! (Voting for the other matchups is also ongoing, although voting times vary for each…and there are some AWESOME poems out there!)

I also wanted to share the First Round poem I wrote last year, since it’s one of my favourites. I had been given the word “verjuice,” by definition, the liquid that comes from fermented fruit like apple and grapes. Yes, that’s right – I had to write a children’s poem about an alcoholic juice. Here’s what I came up with:


Drink from the cup of your youth, my child,
sup and be merry while young;
for the feast quickly cools
and verjuice of old fools
is sour and sad on the tongue.

– © 2013, Matt Forrest Esenwine

It didn’t win, so I wasn’t able to move on, but I still like it. Probably skews to a bit older crowd. Nevertheless, I’m proud of it, so I hope you’ll cheer on all the folks who are competing this year! Click that link above and let your opinions be counted! And for all of today’s Poetry Friday happenings, please visit Julie Larios at The Drift Record.


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18 thoughts on “#MMPoetry – 2014 and a look back

  1. Matt, I think you know how I feel about your poetry, or at least I hope you do! ❤ Great poems both this year and last. I sorely wish both you AND Buffy could move through to the next round since I know it would benefit the tournament as a whole.


  2. I love all the poems, Matt, & remember that from last year. Possible, as you said, the little ones didn’t ‘get’ it, but all of us did! No matter the outcome, it’s been fun to write fast, to see what can happen. I’m up against Heidi M., what a bummer, like you against Buffy. It’s much more fun to be competing against a stranger! I love that you brought real stuff into your appendage poem. You got it exactly right!


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